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Wilton, Connecticut (Part 1 of 3)

Wilton, Connecticut
(Part 1 of 3)

With a population of approximately 18,000 residents and a rich history, Wilton Connecticut has grown into one of the more popular and accessible Fairfield County towns. Originally a part of Norwalk, Wilton slowly became more developed, eventually opening its own schools, constructing its own roads, and becoming its own, independent municipality. The town’s neighborhoods include Wilton Center, South Wilton, Gilbert Corners, North Wilton and Cannondale. It is surprise that in 2007, Wilton earned a coveted spot on CNN’s list of Best Places to Live in the United States. Presently, Wilton is an attractive home for commuters who work in New York or other Fairfield County business districts, such as Stamford and Greenwich. And as with any quiet suburb, the best Wilton Connecticut criminal lawyers and attorneys will tell you that typical suburban crime takes place in a town like Wilton, such as arrests in Wilton Connecticut for DUI / DWI, disorderly conduct, possession and distribution of alcohol and possession of marijuana. So if you are arrested in Wilton Connecticut, be sure to contact a top Wilton Connecticut criminal lawyer to assist you.

Wilton Arrests Report to Norwalk Superior Court

There are no criminal or civil courts in Wilton Connecticut. If you are arrested in Wilton Connecticut then you will likely be ordered to report to Norwalk Connecticut Superior Court, GA 20, located at 17 Belden Avenue in Norwalk, Connecticut, where many of the best Wilton Connecticut criminal defense attorneys and lawyers practice. You first will be required to post bond and bail after your Wilton Connecticut arrest for DUI / DWI, domestic violence, disorderly conduct, or other misdemeanor or felony arrest in Wilton Connecticut. If you do post bond, then your court date will be set for Norwalk Court in about 10 business days, unless it is a Wilton domestic violence arrest, when your arraignment will be scheduled for the next business morning. And as the best Wilton criminal lawyers know, a serious felony arrest in Wilton may be transferred to the Part A Criminal Court docket in Stamford Superior Court where the most serious cases are tried and litigated.

The Wilton Police Department

Even though there are no criminal courts in the Town of Wilton, it nevertheless maintains its own Police Department, with its headquarters located at 240 Danbury Road, Wilton, Connecticut, 06897. There are 44 officers on the force, dedicated to keeping Wilton safe. The Department has a number of specialized units. The Department’s K-9 unit was re-established in 2012, through the charitable donations from local charities. The K-9 Unit works on Wilton drug and narcotics arrests and investigations. The Wilton Police Department also has its own Dive Rescue Team dedicated to water-based rescue and recovery missions. The Team has been in operation since 2005, and includes members from the police department and the local fire department. All members of the Dive Rescue Team undergo continued training, and their services extend beyond the borders of Wilton. The Department also has trained officers on bike patrol that monitor the town’s business center, its parks and educational facilities. A unit, particularly unique to this Department, is the Accident Reconstruction Team, which reconstructs and investigates complicated and challenging motor vehicle accidents. Top Wilton Connecticut DUI / DWI criminal lawyers often work with the Accident Reconstruction Team and will sometimes challenge the results and findings of their investigations.

The Wilton Police Department’s strong community-based program initiatives have created good will and deterred crime throughout the Town. Wilton participates in a popular Neighborhood Watch Program, through which it educates the members of Wilton’s community on how to keep their homes and their neighbor’s homes safe, by noticing and reporting possible property crimes. The Wilton Police Department also engages the community through the Wilton Police Explorers program. This program, open to individuals from their mid-teens until 20 years old, meets once a week to train the explorers on police responsibilities that mostly include investigative procedures and training. Explorers then provide aid to officers on traffic duty, and attend a number of conferences for their enrichment. The Department hosts a similar but less hands-on program for adults, called the Citizen Police Academy. In an effort to build stronger ties with Wilton residents, this 12-week program educates those interested, in nearly every aspect of law enforcement. Particularly telling of Wilton’s close ties with its residents is the RUOK Program. This program is available for individuals 61 years of age or older, those who may not be able to leave home, and others suffering from disabilities. It involves a daily call from the Police Department to check on the participant’s welfare. As any of the best Wilton Connecticut criminal defense lawyers and attorneys would agree, an engaged police department can help keep the Town’s crimes statistics low.

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