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Westport, Connecticut (Part 3 of 3)

Westport, Connecticut
(Part 3 of 3)

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Arrests for Westport Connecticut DUIs / DWIs

The waterfront and beachfront restaurants in Westport attract big crowds on weekends, especially during summer months. It can be difficult and quite inconvenient to get a cab in Westport, so it is not at all unusual for most people to drive to restaurants with the intention of not drinking. As a result, top Westport criminal lawyers frequently see Westport Connecticut arrests for DWIs / DUIs. Unfortunately, this problem is not limited to adult drivers—many 16 to 20 year olds are arrested in Westport for Underage DUIs, where the illegal blood alcohol content level is a mere .02—essentially a zero tolerance crime. To help educate Westport students and curb the problem of Westport DUI / DWI arrests, the Westport Police Department and Staples High School has begun hosting a one-day simulated drunk driving program in order to teach students how drinking can impair coordination, judgment and perception to a point that puts your life at risk.

So if you are under the age of 21 and have been arrested in Westport Connecticut for DWI / DUI under C.G.S. 14-227g, the you should contact a top Westport DWI / DUI attorney or a top Westport Under 21 DUI / DWI lawyer to counsel you on what you need to do to minimize the chances of facing some or all of these penalties. You run the risk of a permanent criminal record, probation, driver’s license suspension, increased auto insurance premiums, and even jail.

Staples – The Only Public High School in Westport, Connecticut

Staples High School is the only public high school serving Westport, Connecticut. The high school is located at 70 North Avenue in Westport, Connecticut, and has an enrollment of approximately 1800 students. In 2014, Staples was ranked the 9th best high school in Connecticut. The school publishes an award-winning student newspaper called Inklings. The Columbia Scholastic Press Association has selected Inklings as the gold medal recipient nearly every year since 2000. For over 50 years, Staples has also had an award winning theatrical production group in place, called the Staples Players that puts on musicals and plays in many different genres.

As with any secondary school, high school pranks and fooling around on social media websites can lead to problems for Westport Connecticut High School students. For example, Staples administrators continue to warn against high school pranks such as Staples’ annual “AP Assassination” Nerf-gun “gotcha” game. Staples also is vigilant about educating its students about bullying and cyber-bullying. Top Westport criminal lawyers who specialize in juvenile law have seen Westport high school students investigated and even prosecuted for posting inappropriate or sexual content on Instagram, Facebook and other social media websites. And unfortunately, serious school discipline such as suspension and expulsion can come hand-in-hand with a Westport Connecticut juvenile arrest, so be sure to consult a top Westport Connecticut school discipline lawyer to learn how to protect your child as much as possible from permanent marks on your Westport high schools student’s academic record.

Toquet Hall – Westport Connecticut’s Community Youth Center

Westport Connecticut takes a lot of pride in developing and nurturing its children. The Town has sponsored its own annual Youth Film Festival. Besides Staples High School, the social hub for Westport’s youth is the Toquet Hall Teen Center. Located at 58 Post Road East in Westport, Connecticut, Toquet Hall was established in 1998 as a supervised, substance-free environment where students could get together socially and safely. Toquet Hall is governed by students and offers a place where both middle school and high school students can go to study, relax, snack and socialize. The calendar of events includes a number of live performances, benefits, and the occasional yoga class.

Toquet Hall’s substance free policy is in line with the Westport Police Department’s Zero Tolerance Policy. As a result, the Westport Police Department aggressively enforces this policy, which involves investigating minors for possessing alcohol under CGS 30-89, or making arrests in Westport for providing / distributing alcohol to minors (i.e. hosting an underage drinking party in Westport Connecticut) under CGS 30-86—a felony charge. The penalties for a Westport alcohol possession or distribution charge can include fines and driver’s license-related penalties, or even a permanent criminal record and probation, depending on the circumstances. This crime can also expose parents—the Westport Police Department will not hesitate to arrest parents in Westport for hosting, permitting, or throwing an underage drinking party under CGS 30-86, a Class E felony charge.

The Westport Criminal Lawyers at the Mark Sherman Law Firm

So if you have been arrested in Westport Connecticut for a domestic violence crime such as Disorderly Conduct or Assault, a Westport Connecticut DUI / DWI, or a more serious crime such as Child Pornography, Sexual Assault, Shoplifting or Larceny, then call one of the experienced Westport Connecticut criminal lawyers at Mark Sherman Law today. We are well-versed in fighting these charges. Additionally, our Victim Representation and School Discipline / Juvenile practice groups offer Westport residents a full array of services and experience to help them and their families through tense and difficult times. We will work closely with you to craft the most cost-effective defense to your Westport Connecticut arrest. Call us today for a consultation at (203) 358-4700.