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Westport, Connecticut (Part 2 of 3)

Westport, Connecticut
(Part 2 of 3)

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Westport Connecticut Domestic Violence Arrests

If you are arrested in Westport Connecticut for a domestic violence crime such as Disorderly Conduct, Assault, Strangulation or Risk of Injury to a Minor, then you will be required to appear in Norwalk Superior Court on the next business morning. As any of the top Westport Connecticut domestic violence criminal lawyers routinely observe, this first court date for your Westport Connecticut domestic violence arrest is critical, primarily because a protective / restraining order hearing will take place at your arraignment. The protective order issued by the Norwalk domestic violence court will come in 1 of 3 forms: a Full-No Contact order, a Residential Stay-Away Order (prohibiting you from returning to the home of the protected person), or a Partial Protective Order (the least restrictive). In every scenario, the Westport Connecticut restraining order may remain in place for weeks—or even months—if your Westport Connecticut domestic violence case is not handled and defended properly. So contact a top Westport Connecticut criminal attorney to discuss your options and to try and avoid a lengthy protective or restraining order that keeps you out of your house for months.

Victims of Westport Connecticut Domestic Violence Arrests

Westport is one of five Fairfield County municipalities that have set up its own Domestic Violence task force to help Westport Connecticut victims of a domestic violence arrest. With the assistance of the Domestic Violence Crisis Center, the task force provides a host of resources for victims of domestic violence that include counseling, safe houses and advocacy in Westport domestic violence arrest cases. If you are a victim of a Westport Connecticut domestic violence case and need a lawyer to assist you in the criminal court case, or to apply for a Westport civil restraining order, then you should contact a top Westport Connecticut domestic violence victim lawyer to discuss your options and choose the best path for safety and security for you and your family.

The Westport Police Department

The Westport Police Department is located at 50 Jessup Avenue in Westport, Connecticut, right in the heart of downtown Westport. As the very best Westport Connecticut criminal lawyers have observed, it is a relatively small department, consisting of only 64 full-time sworn police officers. The Department is divided into three divisions: (1) the Operations Division that mainly carries out the law enforcement functions of the Department, (2) the Staff which provides departmental administrative support, and (3) the Professional Standards division that conducts training and investigations and manages public and internal affairs. The Operations Division, also known as the Patrol Division, is the arm of the department that responds to 911 and routine calls from Westport residents seeking police assistance.

The Professional Standards Division encompasses the Detective Bureau which has 6 Detectives, one of whom is exclusively assigned to Youth Crimes. The Detectives are responsible for all aspects of investigations including evidence collection and witness questioning. Top Westport criminal lawyers are regularly asked by their clients to respond on their behalf to phone calls and unannounced in-person visits by Westport detectives who are investigating cases.

The Westport Town Police Department also has a number of specialized units. The K-9 Unit, one of the specialized units, was reinstated in 1991. The K-9 Unit currently has one police service dog on the force, that among other tasks, handles narcotics searches. Another of the specialized units is the Marine Division. This Division has a fleet of two boats and a jet ski. During the Summer months, it is staffed with two full-time officers that enforce maritime laws and monitor water safety along those sections of the Long Island Sound and Saugatuck River that are located on the border or within the Town of Westport. Top Westport Connecticut DUI / DWI criminal attorneys see this Division aggressively enforce Westport BUI / BWI, or Westport Connecticut Boating While Intoxicated laws during the Summer. Some of the other specialized units that make up the Westport Police Department are the Crisis intervention Team, the Crash Investigation Unit and the Traffic Unit.

The Westport Police Department’s force may be small, but it is strong and the officers on it are highly skilled to perform a variety of specialized tasks. Therefore, if you are arrested in Westport Connecticut for DWI / DUI, Disorderly Conduct or a Westport domestic violence crime, or any kind of alcohol or marijuana crime, then you will want to consult with a top Westport Connecticut criminal lawyer to discuss the implications of your arrest, the court process that will follow, and the possibility of any further investigation by the Westport Police Department’s Detective Bureau.

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