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Stamford Sex Crime Defense Strategies

One of the first things an attorney will do when preparing a sex crime defense strategy in Stamford is filing a motion to preserve. Even if the crime is still in the investigation stage before an arrest, an experienced defense attorney will know that they can send letters to the state lab and to various law enforcement agencies to preserve any records, especially medical records and DNA records.

If you are currently facing a sex crimes charge in Stamford, it is critical that you contact a lawyer as soon as possible to begin crafting an effective defense strategy.

Understanding the Client

The first thing a defense attorney will want to know is what, if any, is the relationship between the person making the allegation and the person being accused. They will see if there was any past consensual sexual intercourse between the two parties or if it was their first meeting.

For example, in some cases there has been a break up, and soon after an allegation of sexual assault is brought forward that was not founded. This is a common strategy and theme that defense attorneys see often. Past communication and past consent is always a factor to consider.

A lawyer will want to know this information to determine if there was any history between the two parties. This knowledge can help them prepare the proper defense strategy to effectively combat the prosecution’s case.

Initial Steps to Take

After an individual learns that they have been charged with a sex crime in Stamford, the first thing they should do is get in touch with an attorney. Secondly, they need to file a motion to preserve any electronic communication evidence, like text messages, phone call records, and any scientific evidence.

Finally, an individual should contact a lawyer to conduct discovery and demand that the state provide any scientific evidence it has against the person, as well as any electronic evidence which might not be in their possession yet. These elements can help an attorney craft an effective defense for a sex crime in Stamford.

Factors to Consider

An attorney will always consider the history of the person making the allegation when building a sex crime defense in Stamford. For example, if the individual has any mental health or substance abuse issues that could have contributed to these allegations, especially if the allegations are false, a lawyer will want to know.

They will also consider what happened on the day or night in question, or the weeks leading up to the allegation to determine if the parties knew each other.

Contacting an Attorney

A lawyer who has defended a sex crimes case in Stamford before understands that this is not always the most comfortable situation, and can deal with the situation both professionally and aggressively for their client.

The proper attorney will have a lot of experience with both Stamford police and the Stamford court, and know what must be done immediately to scrutinize all the reports, witness statements, and allegations upfront.