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Stamford Burglary Lawyer

As defined by Stamford Law, a burglary offense is when an individual unlawfully enters a home without the owner’s consent and has the intention of committing a crime inside the dwelling.

Penalties for burglary in Stamford include imprisonment, fine, probation, or any combination of those three. Contact a distinguished theft lawyer regarding any charges or accusations you may be facing. A Stamford burglary lawyer has the local experience to help you begin preparing your defense. 

Prosecution’s Treatment of Burglary Charges

The prosecutor treats burglary charges very seriously. It is viewed as a threat to the safety of society. A situation where somebody is threatening the sanctity of another person’s home is considered one of the more protected places in our society. Stamford burglary lawyers can help potential clients protect their reputation and their rights. 

The prosecution has to prove that the defendant entered a person’s dwelling and remained inside in an unlawful manner. This means the individual did so without the consent or authority of the owner, with the intent to commit a crime inside that dwelling.

Difference between Burglary and Trespassing

Individuals should speak with Stamford burglary lawyers about how to combat penalties for burglary and how it differs from trespassing offenses. Trespassing is entering the property of another without the authority to enter that property. 

Trespassing does not need to include entering the dwelling of another or have the intent to commit a crime inside the dwelling or on the property. It is just the unauthorized entering of another person’s property which is the trespass.

Impact of Property Damage

The person charged with the burglary, in addition to all the different penalties they may be facing, may be ordered to provide restitution to the victim for the value of damage to the property.

Local Consequences for Burglary

The potential punishments are imprisonment, probation, a fine, or any combination of those three. For Third Degree Burglary, the potential imprisonment is five years. A Second Degree offense is 10 years and a First Degree offense is 20 years.

The fines are $5,000, $10,000 and $15,000. The potential probation is three years for Third and Second-Degree Felony, and potentially five years for first Degree Burglary.

Aggravating Factors

An aggravating factor for burglary offenses in Stamford includes whether someone was injured throughout the commission of the crime or if there was damage committed to the property itself.

Value in Hiring a Lawyer

An experienced criminal defense attorney would help a charged person understand the nature of the court process such as what rights are available to them. 

A Stamford burglary lawyer can mitigate the sentence or punishment that the individual may be facing and help them with any programs that may be available under the circumstances. 

It is important to hire an attorney who can properly investigate the charges and present the most effective and complete defense possible.