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Sex Crimes (Part 2 of 3)

Sex Crimes
(Part 2 of 3)

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Prostitution Arrests in Connecticut

Whether you believe prostitution should be a crime or not, the fact remains that Prostitution is a Class A misdemeanor in Connecticut, as set forth in C.G.S. 53a-82. As a result, you can be arrested in Stamford, Greenwich, or Danbury Connecticut for Prostitution under CGS 53a-82 if you are found engaging in sexual conduct in exchange for payment. In fact, as the best Connecticut prostitution criminal lawyers would inform you, the mere offer to engage in sexual conduct in exchange for compensation is a crime. The penalties for a Prostitution arrest are a maximum 1 year in prison and a $2,000 fine. Click here for a detailed explanation of Connecticut’s Prostitution laws, along with thoughts for fighting your Connecticut prostitution arrest.

One last point—know that in their relentless campaign against sex shops and massage parlors, local law enforcement regularly conduct prostitution sting operations, keeping a close eye on Connecticut’s casinos and massage parlors. Successful sting operations can result in arrests of those engaged in prostitution, as well as their patrons. In a well-publicized 2014 sting operation, Stamford police, with the FBI's assistance, brought down a Super Bowl prostitution and sex trafficking ring.

Patronizing Prostitution Arrests in Stamford, Greenwich & Darien Connecticut

Patronizing Prostitution arrests in Stamford, Wilton, Westport and Greenwich Connecticut are typically humiliating to the “Johns” who are arrested in massage parlor sex sting operations in Fairfield County, Connecticut. The Connecticut crime of Patronizing Prostitution is codified in C.G.S. 53a-83. This law makes it illegal to pay any sum of money or other consideration to someone in exchange for sexual contact. In fact, even if you only offer to pay someone to engage in sexual conduct, without actually doing anything beyond that, you can still be arrested in Connecticut for Patronizing Prostitution under CGS 53a-83. Discreet massage parlors or online escort sites might give the illusion of an added layer of anonymity, but they are by no means exempt from local law enforcement’s aggressive sting operations. In fact, they are frequently monitored by sex crimes detectives. And although this crime is only a Class A misdemeanor, carrying a maximum one year jail sentence, an arrest in Connecticut for Patronizing Prostitution causes a great deal of embarrassment to you, your family and your employer, especially if you a well-regarded community member in one of Fairfield’s small towns. Click here to learn more about Patronizing Prostitution arrests in Connecticut, and how you can possibly get a Connecticut Patronizing Prostitution arrest dismissed as quickly as possible.

Possession of Child Pornography Arrests in Connecticut

As any of the best Westport, Stamford and Greenwich Connecticut child pornography criminal lawyers and attorneys would concede, Connecticut’s criminal laws for possessing child pornography are heavy-handed and flagrantly unfair, carrying absurd mandatory minimum jail sentences, even for first-time child pornography possession offenders. Arrests for Possession of Child Pornography in Stamford, Greenwich and other Connecticut cities usually start the same way—sex crimes detectives work with local cable providers to monitor pornographic file-sharing websites. They do this to secretly track and tag computers that are distributing, downloading and sharing suspected child pornography images. Once they identify which IP address is dealing in child pornography, Connecticut sex crimes detectives are able to quickly obtain search warrants that will allow them to identify the home or office of the suspect, and then allow police to storm into your home and seize your computers and laptops. They then have their forensic examiners search your computers for any illegal photos, videos, or computer-generated pictures.

The best Stamford Connecticut Child Pornography lawyers know that there are 3 degrees of Possession of Child Pornography crimes in Connecticut: (1) first degree possession C.G.S. 53a-196d (50 or more images); (2) second degree possession C.G.S. 53a-196e (20 to 49 images); and (3) third degree possession C.G.S. 53a-196f (less than 20). But regardless of the degree or number of child pornographic images found, an arrest for any of these three degrees is a felony that carries mandatory day-for-day jail time. Click here for an in-depth discussion of Possession of Child Pornography arrests in Stamford, Greenwich, Darien and Westport Connecticut, where we walk you through the laws and penalties, as well as touch on some of the most effective defense strategies in this very heavy-handed area of Connecticut criminal law.

Importing Child Pornography Arrests in Connecticut

An arrest that goes hand-in-hand with most Possession of Child Pornography arrests in Stamford Connecticut is Importing Child Pornography under C.G.S. 53a-196c. But what exactly is importing? Connecticut criminal law defines it as the actual downloading of child pornography, as opposed to just possessing or storing them. As a result, you can get arrested in Connecticut for Importing Child Pornography if you—with the intention to promote child pornography—download 3 or more images that depict minors engaging in sexually explicit conduct. A key element that distinguishes this crime from a Possession of Child Pornography arrest in Stamford or Greenwich Connecticut is that importing child pornography requires an intention to promote child pornography. Unfortunately, the law can presume intent exists when you share the illegal pornographic image via e-mail or text, sell it, distribute it or publish it. An Importing Child Pornography arrest in Connecticut carries a maximum of 20 years in prison, $15,000 in fines and sex offender probation and registration.

There are a number of challenges that arise in Possession of Child Pornography arrests and Importing of Child Pornography arrests in Connecticut. For example, the computer found to hold the stored images might be a family computer with multiple users, which might make it difficult to determine who was actually storing any illegal images. The images might have been inadvertently downloaded due to deceptive or misleading file titles. In fact, a single video found on your computer can contain thousands of images resulting in multiple charges. Finally, a federal arrest for Possession of Child Pornography might also arise, especially if you are suspected of using or promoting a minor in a performance deemed to be obscene.

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