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Resisting Arrest / Interfering with Police Arrests in Stamford, Connecticut (Part 1 of 2)

Interfering with Police Arrests in Stamford, Connecticut
(Part 1 of 2)

Dealing with aggressive Stamford Police officers can be a challenge, especially under circumstances when Stamford Connecticut police are called into a situation where they are trying to de-escalate tensions or calm down individuals who are fist-fighting, intoxicated, mentally ill, or under some form of crisis. Stamford Connecticut police are frequently called into high-pressure scenarios without any warning or background information about the people with whom they will be dealing, so they must proceed cautiously, and assume the worst case scenarios so that no one gets hurt. As a result, however, Stamford Police officers may sometimes have little time and patience for people who want to question their authority, challenge their rights to detain them, demand their name, badge number and supervisor’s name in the middle of an arrest, or who hinder, interfere or obstruct their ability to do their job. This is when Stamford Police can arrest you in Stamford Connecticut for Interference with a Police Officer / Resisting Arrest under CGS 53a-167a. As you will learn in the discussion below, the best Stamford Connecticut criminal lawyers attorneys who defend Interference with Police arrests in Stamford contend that the statute is so broadly written and interpreted that ordinarily harmless conduct can lead to a misdemeanor arrest. Additionally, the charge is classified in the most serious category of misdemeanors in the State of Connecticut, punishable by up to 1 year in jail. So if you have you have been arrested for Interference with an Officer / Resisting Arrest in Stamford Connecticut under CGS 53a-167a, then you should contact a top criminal lawyer attorney in Stamford Connecticut to discuss your options in getting your Stamford Connecticut Interfering / Resisting Arrest charge dismissed as quickly and affordably as possible.

The Statutory Definitions of an Arrest in Stamford Connecticut for Interfering with a Police Officer per 53a-167a

So what kind of conduct can get you arrested in Stamford Connecticut for Interference with a Police Officer under CGS 53a-167a? To the best Stamford Connecticut criminal attorneys and lawyers, the definition is way too simple: any person who “obstructs, hinders, resists or endangers” a police officer, peace officer or firefighter can get arrested in Stamford for Interfering with an Officer / Resisting Arrest. But what do these statutory terms actually mean?

Top Stamford Connecticut criminal lawyers know what these terms mean under Connecticut criminal law. “Resist” means to fight, argue or refuse to cooperate with the Stamford police officer giving you instructions. “Hinder” and “obstruct” are terms that mean basically the same thing-- to prevent or impeded the Stamford police officer from performing his or her job in any way whatsoever. And “endanger” means to expose the police officer somehow to risk of injury or harm. Finally, and to the astonishment of many of the best Stamford Connecticut criminal lawyers, the use of any kind of force is not even necessary to get arrested in Stamford Connecticut for Interfering / Interference with an Officer under CGS 53a-167a.

Penalties & Punishments for a Stamford Connecticut Arrest for Interfering with an Officer / Resisting Arrest

Getting arrested for Interfering with an Officer in Stamford Connecticut or anywhere else in Connecticut is a Class A Misdemeanor. This means that if you plead guilty or are found guilty at trial for your Stamford arrest for Resisting Arrest / Interfering with an Officer arrest, then you can be sentenced in Stamford Superior Court to up to 1 year in prison, be placed on probation for up to 3 years, and be ordered to pay a $2000 fine. Prior to pleading guilty or going to trial, however, you should be talking to your top Stamford Connecticut criminal defense lawyer attorney to craft the best defense strategy to AVOID pleading guilty to your Stamford arrest for Interfering with Police / Resisting Arrest. A guilty plea will result in a permanent criminal record which will show up on every employment and insurance background check for the rest of your life. The best Stamford Connecticut criminal lawyers will know the nuances of Connecticut criminal law which may allow you to avoid having to plead guilty, even if you actually committed the conduct for which you were arrested. So get in touch with a top Stamford Connecticut criminal law firm to understand all of your options before pleading guilty to anything.

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