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Possession of Alcohol by A Minor in New Canaan Connecticut (Part 2 of 2)

Possession of Alcohol by A Minor in New Canaan Connecticut
(Part 2 of 2)

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What Will Happen to My Driver’s License If I Plead Guilty to Possession of Alcohol in New Canaan?

Any of New Canaan Connecticut’s top criminal defense attorneys and lawyers will tell you that a minor who pleads guilty to a CGS 30-89 Possession of Alcohol ticket or a CGS 21a-279 Possession of Marijuana or Paraphernalia ticket will face an automatic license suspension in Connecticut. In fact, Connecticut has two mandatory license suspensions for minor drivers who are caught in possession of alcohol. New Canaan high school-aged students who plead guilty or who are convicted of possession face an automatic 30-day driver’s license suspension. What’s worse is that minors who plead guilty or are convicted of possession of alcohol while in their car face a 60-day license suspension. Even New Canaan Connecticut minors who do not yet have their Connecticut driver’s license—but who plead guilty by mail to a New Canaan Minor in Possession ticket—are punished by having their eligibility date to get their driver’s license suspended for a lengthy time period.

Fighting Your New Canaan Connecticut Minor in Possession Ticket

The best New Canaan Connecticut criminal lawyers and attorneys know that fighting a Possession of Alcohol by a Minor ticket in Connecticut court is challenging, but very doable. As most top Connecticut criminal juvenile lawyers understand, when kids are involved, prosecutors and judges are willing to listen to mitigation and leniency arguments. So even if the prosecutors have put together a compelling case against you or your child, Connecticut criminal defense attorneys know that it’s the goal of the court to promote safety among minors experimenting with alcohol use—and not to ruin their futures. A top New Canaan criminal defense attorney will be able to present your child favorably to the prosecutors and court in a manner that will facilitate a fair disposition that will hopefully get the case dismissed altogether. On the other hand, sometimes a case needs to be fought aggressively; so experienced Connecticut Minor in Possession lawyers will always carefully examine all police reports and documents for mistakes, technical defects or discrepancies that can win your child’s case. Especially when New Canaan police officers take too many liberties in illegally searching or seizing your child’s car or impermissibly enter your child’s home. So whether you fight your New Canaan Minor in Possession ticket from a mitigation or adversarial approach, you should definitely consider all of your options with your New Canaan Possession of Alcohol criminal lawyer who can present you with a thorough risk-reward analysis prior to your making a decision.

Will My Auto Insurance Rates Be Affected by My Connecticut Minor in Possession Ticket?

Possibly. New Canaan Connecticut parents often get confused when their teenager’s automobile insurance premiums go through the roof after their minor child pleads guilty by mail in New Canaan to a Possession of Alcohol or Marijuana ticket—especially when their child pays the fine by mail without telling their parents. The guilty plea shows up when your auto insurance companies conduct their annual background checks on the insured drivers during the renewal period. Generally, any possession of alcohol by a minor charge will cause insurance rates to increase significantly, especially when the New Canaan Minor in Possession conviction is followed by a Connecticut driver’s license suspension.

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In light of all the headaches, costs and risks of pleading guilty to a New Canaan Connecticut CGS 30-89 Possession of Alcohol by a Minor ticket, it’s obvious that fighting the ticket in Norwalk Superior Court would be a wise action to take—regardless of the evidence you think exists against you or your child. In the long run, the cost of hiring an attorney is money-well-spent for the chance to keep your child’s record clean. At Mark Sherman Law, our Minor in Possession criminal lawyers are available to take your call 24/7. We will walk you through every fact surrounding your ticket and advise you honestly on how to proceed, with the sole goal of getting your New Canaan Minor in Possession ticket dismissed. So call us today at (203) 358-4700.

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