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Possession of Alcohol by A Minor in New Canaan Connecticut (Part 1 of 2)

Possession of Alcohol by A Minor in New Canaan Connecticut
(Part 1 of 2)

Ask any top New Canaan Connecticut criminal lawyer…New Canaan Connecticut police are cracking down on underage drinking parties. The best New Canaan Connecticut criminal defense lawyers recognize that a Possession of Alcohol by a Minor CGS 30-89 ticket is more serious than most people understand, and is certainly more than just a slap on the wrist. Top New Canaan Connecticut criminal law firms often receive calls from teenage drinkers who pay the fine on their New Canaan Minor in Possession of Alcohol tickets without first consulting their parents and without appreciating the full implications a guilty plea. These New Canaan minors in possession of alcohol and marijuana don’t realize the impact of their plea until their driver’s license gets suspended, or until they are applying for a job after graduation and realize they have a New Canaan minor in possession infraction conviction on their permanent record. So if your child received a 30-89 Possession of Alcohol by a Minor ticket in New Canaan Connecticut, then it’s definitely worth contacting a top New Canaan Connecticut Minor in Possession criminal lawyer attorney who can advise you on the best way to get the ticket ripped up, keep your teenager’s record clean, and avoid a lengthy driver’s license suspension.

What Do I Do If My Child Gets a 30-89 Minor in Possession Ticket In New Canaan Connecticut?

Any top New Canaan Connecticut criminal lawyer would tell you to not plead guilty by mail to your 30-89 Possession of Alcohol Ticket. Most clients are shocked to learn that paying the fine doesn’t make it just “go away” as the New Canaan police would want you to believe. While pleading guilty by mail will not result in DMV points being assessed against the minor’s license, it WILL result in an administrative license suspension and an increase in your auto insurance rates. (THE BACK OF YOUR TICKET DOES NOT TELL YOU THAT, DOES IT?) And in addition to the hassle and costs stemming from a Minor in Possession driver’s license suspension, pleading guilty to a New Canaan Minor in Possession of Alcohol ticket will also result in an infraction conviction that appears on your employment background checks for years. This can have a meaningful impact on the future of a New Canaan high school student applying for college or looking for employment after graduation—especially in particularly competitive fields like finance, banking and government jobs.

Can My New Canaan Possession of Alcohol Guilty Plea by Mail Be Reversed?

Yes. It’s one of Connecticut’s best kept secrets. Most New Canaan Connecticut residents don’t know that you can sometimes have a guilty plea to Possession of Alcohol by a Minor reversed in Connecticut courts. This means that with the right approach and assistance of a top New Canaan Connecticut criminal lawyer attorney, the damage can be undone if your child paid the fine on a 30-89 alcohol possession ticket without your knowledge. However, the Connecticut courts strictly enforce a very short time deadline for filing these motions to vacate and reverse your guilty plea by mail to a Connecticut Minor in Possession of Alcohol ticket, so you must act quickly. Follow this link for more on reversing guilty pleas by mail to New Canaan alcohol and marijuana possession tickets.

New Canaan Social Hosting Law Arrests

More and more New Canaan parents are finding themselves on the hook for parties that were thrown by their children when they’re out of town, or even just out to dinner. And while many parents do make a valid point that it’s often safer to allow their children to drink in the home under their watch, it is nevertheless ILLEGAL. Recent social hosting laws in Connecticut can get you arrested in New Canaan for allowing minors to possess alcohol in your home, and can arrest you for failing to stop underage drinking in your house. Even more serous are the felony alcohol distribution criminal laws such as CGS 30-86, Providing or Distributing Alcohol to Minors. Getting arrested in New Canaan Connecticut for Providing Alcohol to Minors is a Class E Felony punishable by up to a year in prison—which usually comes as a shock to many parents who allow their teenaged children to have friends over and have drinking parties. These charges not only make adults vulnerable to civil lawsuits by anyone injured on their property (or once they leave the property) due to underage drinking, but also can affect the parents’ employment background checks for the rest of their lives. So if you are arrested for violating Social Hosting laws in New Canaan under CGS 30-89, then contact a top New Canaan criminal law firm or attorney as soon as possible.

Does the Punishment Fit the Crime? New Canaan Possession of Alcohol Ticket Consequences

Notwithstanding that the penalties that come along with a CGS 30-89 New Canaan Minor in Possession ticket can be costly and permanent, you should know that the technical legal status of a possession of alcohol by a minor ticket is what’s called a criminal “infraction.” The best New Canaan Connecticut criminal lawyers can explain that a possession of alcohol ticket is punishable by a monetary fine and not jail time—sometimes up to $500. Payment of these fines by mail without understanding the consequences of doing so can make the matter worse—by exposing a minor to a lengthy driver’s license suspension and / or an infraction conviction that will appear on background checks during years that are crucial to your child’s future. As any of New Canaan Connecticut’s best criminal defense lawyers will tell you, it is better to always err on the side of caution when handling this type of infraction by consulting an attorney before making any plea decisions.

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