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Patronizing Prostitution Arrests (Part 1 of 3)

Patronizing Prostitution Arrests
(Part 1 of 3)

Fairfield County’s “Gold Coast” of wealthy coastal communities and towns like Greenwich, Darien, Westport and Fairfield have attracted the escort and prostitution service industries for years. While many people strongly believe that the government should not have the authority to control what adults can and cannot do with their bodies, the fact of the matter is that Prostitution and Patronizing Prostitution are crimes in the State of Connecticut. As the best Prostitution criminal lawyers in Stamford and Greenwich Connecticut have seen, Prostitution arrests are aggressively pursued in Connecticut and can cause personal and professional havoc and humiliation to the so-called “Johns” who patronize prostitution.

Connecticut’s Vegas-style Mohegan Sun and Foxwoods casinos also make the State more vulnerable to the prostitution and escort businesses. As a result, wealthy businessmen and the venues they frequent have become unfair targets for prostitution stings. These stings, conducted by law enforcement, regularly target Connecticut casinos, massage parlors, high-end hotels and bars, and websites such as and So if you are arrested in Stamford, Greenwich or Norwalk Connecticut for Patronizing Prostitution under CGS 53a-83, you should contact a top Stamford criminal lawyer to discuss the chances of getting your Connecticut Patronizing Prostitution arrest dismissed as quickly as possible.

Patronizing & Soliciting Prostitution under CGS 53a-83 — Statutory Definition

Top Westport and Darien Connecticut criminal lawyers recognize that Patronizing Prostitution is a Class A misdemeanor, as codified in Connecticut General Statutes Section 53a-83. According to Connecticut statutory law, you can be arrested in Stamford or Greenwich for Patronizing Prostitution if you pay, or even just agree to pay (verbally or electronically), a fee to someone with whom you have arranged to engage in sexual conduct. Paying a third party to engage in sexual conduct with another is also prohibited under Connecticut law. Paying after the sexual contact is also illegal—that is, If you pay a fee in compensation for past sexual activity, then you can also be arrested in Stamford Connecticut for Patronizing Prostitution under CGS 53a-83. And what most people do not realize is that soliciting an individual to engage in sexual conduct in exchange for a sum of money, even if you just inquire as to how much it will be, is also illegal under C.G.S. 53a-83.

Patronizing & Soliciting Prostitution from a Motor Vehicle – CGS 53a-83a

As the top Greenwich and Stamford Connecticut sex crimes criminal lawyers know, there’s a little-known subdivision of Connecticut Prostitution law—C.G.S. 53a-83a—that makes it illegal to Patronize Prostitution from your motor vehicle. Click here for the full statute. Really? The days of prostitutes and pimps crowding Connecticut street corners are long gone with the popularity of the internet and prostitution websites. Clearly the law has not kept up with technology. But for those “Johns” who want to troll the streets “Pretty Woman”-style….if you are in a car, and you make an agreement with a prostitute or a third party to engage in sexual conduct from your car, whether the third party is a pimp or prostitute, then you can be arrested for Patronizing a Prostitute from a Motor Vehicle under 53a-83a.

Statutory Penalties for Patronizing Prostitution Arrests in Connecticut

Whether you are arrested in Stamford Connecticut for Patronizing a Prostitute in a massage parlor, Patronizing Prostitution from a Motor Vehicle, or soliciting Prostitution from escorts on the internet, the penalties for Patronizing a Prostitute in the State of Connecticut can include up to one year of jail time, probation, and fines of up to $2,000. It is a Class A misdemeanor—the most serious classification of misdemeanors. As the top Stamford Connecticut criminal attorneys and lawyers will confirm, most convictions for Patronizing Prostitution will not result in your being treated as a sex offender or require your registration on any sex offender registry. But the stigma and shame associated with a conviction or arrest in Fairfield, Stamford or Greenwich for Patronizing Prostitution can nevertheless hang over your reputation for years, especially if you work for a corporation, work in the financial services industry, are a state or city government employee, or are involved in your community, kids’ athletics, or PTA association. In all of these scenarios, getting your Connecticut Patronizing Prostitution arrest dismissed and expunged is critical to your professional livelihood. Therefore, if you are arrested for Patronizing Prostitution under 53a-83, in Norwalk, Stamford, Greenwich, Fairfield, Darien, or any other municipality in Fairfield County, then you should contact a top criminal lawyer to help you fight your charges and restore your reputation.

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