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Patronizing Prostitution Arrests (Part 3 of 3)

Patronizing Prostitution Arrests
(Part 3 of 3)

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Removing Your Connecticut Patronizing Prostitution Arrest from the Internet

If you are arrested in Stamford, Greenwich or Wilton Connecticut for CGS 53a-83 Patronizing Prostitution, then the online arrest reports in the police blotter of local newspapers can be very embarrassing to you, both personally and professionally. The details of the massage parlor sting operation, the names of those charged, and even booking photos may be published on various online newspapers such as the Stamford Advocate, Greenwich Time, the Norwalk Hour and local Patch websites. The irony is that even after your top Stamford Connecticut criminal lawyer has helped you get your Connecticut Patronizing Prostitution arrest dismissed and completely erased off your record, these online media companies will shamelessly continue to publish your arrest online so they can drive eyeballs and ad revenues to their websites.

Top Connecticut libel and slander lawyers and attorneys who know how to scrub the internet can assist you in removing your Connecticut Patronizing Prostitution arrest from the internet. It’s no easy task, but the Mark Sherman Law firm is one of the State of Connecticut’s legal leaders in fighting online news companies who continue to publish arrests that have long been dismissed and expunged. Protecting your reputation is a priority for us, especially when you have already suffered through the stress and anxiety of the criminal court process, paid your debt to the court system, and had your Danbury or Fairfield Connecticut Patronizing Prostitution arrest dismissed. So if you are arrested in a Fairfield or Stamford massage parlor sting operation, then you should contact a top Stamford Connecticut sex crimes criminal lawyer who can assist you in trying to get your C.G.S. 53a-83 Patronizing Prostitution arrest dismissed and removed from the internet. Click here to learn more about the Mark Sherman Law Firm’s ongoing legal battle against the country’s media giants who continue to publish online arrest reports of cases that have been dismissed and expunged in Connecticut.

The Dangers of Escort Service Websites

Online escort services are more popular than ever. Websites like and are targeting rich (and often married) men looking to pay for the company of young women. The Mark Sherman Law Firm was featured in a Wall Street Journal article about these websites. Know, however, that Stamford and Greenwich sex crimes detectives are trolling these websites and are trying to shut down escort service operations in the area by targeting the “Johns” and customers who keep these online escort business in business. In 2014, Stamford and Greenwich police conducted a Superbowl sex sting that shut down an online escort business operation that catered to high-end clientele in town for New York City’s Superbowl. Many prostitutes, pimps, and “Johns” were arrested in the tri-state area, causing devastating embarrassment to the male customers who were customers of this Connecticut online escort business. Why are the Greenwich and Stamford police so hellbent on taking down Johns and customers in these sex string operations? The answer actually makes sense, as these sex operations have recently been exploiting underage girls and forcing them into performing sexual acts. As a result, Connecticut lawmakers have enacted very tough Human Trafficking laws to punish escort businesses and massage parlors that employ or exploit underage girls. Click here to learn more about Connecticut’s Human Trafficking laws.

Contact a Connecticut Sex Crimes / Patronizing Prostitution Lawyer at Mark Sherman Law Today

So if you are arrested in Stamford, Norwalk or Greenwich Connecticut for Patronizing Prostitution under 53a-83, or if you arrested in Bridgeport, Fairfield or Danbury for any other Prostitution-related sex crime, then you should contact a sex crime attorney at the Mark Sherman Law firm. Our “two-attorney” review guarantee ensures that at least two of our experienced criminal lawyers will review your police reports for errors, omissions and constitutional defects. Our goal is simple: getting your Connecticut Patronizing Prostitution arrest dismissed. We can then help you scrub the internet clean of any remnants of your Connecticut Prostitution arrest. To speak with a Stamford Connecticut Prostitution criminal lawyer at The Law Offices of Mark Sherman, call us today at (203) 358-4700. We are available 24-7 to take your call.

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