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Interfering with Police Arrests in Greenwich Connecticut (Part 2 of 2)

Interfering with Police Arrests in Greenwich Connecticut
(Part 2 of 2)

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Fighting my Greenwich Connecticut Arrest for Interfering with a Police Officer

If you are arrested for Interfering with an Officer in Greenwich or anywhere else in Connecticut, then the first step is to call an experienced Greenwich Connecticut criminal defense lawyer attorney. Top Greenwich Connecticut criminal lawyers and attorneys are familiar with the nuances of the Greenwich Interfering with Officers / Resisting Arrest laws under CGS 53a-167a and will fight for you to try and get your Greenwich Resisting Arrest / Interfering arrest dismissed and expunged from your record. The next step is to have your top Greenwich criminal lawyer determine whether arraignment motions need to be filed in the Stamford Connecticut courthouse to preserve evidence in your case. When you’re dealing with a Greenwich Connecticut Interfering with a Police Officer arrest, there is often digital or electronic surveillance evidence out there that may be helpful to your defense, including media from Greenwich police dashboard cameras, body cams, police dispatcher records, and 911 call logs or recordings. If these items are not properly preserved, then they can be overwritten or destroyed as time passes during your case. Next, the best Greenwich criminal firms will have their attorneys carefully look over each piece of evidence in your case, including arrest reports, witness statements, electronic evidence, and any relevant police training handbooks.

When Connecticut Police Use Interfering Arrests to Cover Up Police Brutality

Top Connecticut criminal law firms sometimes see police try to manipulate the system—making Connecticut arrests for Interfering with a Police Officer or Assault on a Police Officer to help cover up and undermine police brutality and civil rights violations. The best Connecticut criminal lawyers and attorneys will look beyond the initial charges, gather evidence, investigate the case as thoroughly as possible, and determine the probable outcome of both the charges against you, your possible defenses, and weigh in on whether you have colorable claims for Connecticut police brutality and civil rights violations. Of course, the best Greenwich Connecticut criminal lawyers also see cases where you may have actually acted inappropriately or wrongfully. In those situations, a top Greenwich Connecticut criminal lawyer will determine if asking the judge to grant you a court diversionary program, like the Connecticut Accelerated Rehabilitation Program, is the best strategy for your case, even if the prosecutor and arresting Greenwich police officers are strenuously objecting to the program and demanding that you get a permanent criminal record. If your attorney is able to get you this or another diversionary program, then he or she can then help you get your charges completely erased, as long as you do not get any new arrests and comply any court mandates from the judge. For more about Greenwich Connecticut arrests for Interfering with an Officer or Resisting Arrest under § 53a-167a, click here.

My Connecticut Interfering with Police Arrest is on the Internet…Can I Get it Taken Down?

As our reliance on the Internet increases, so do online reports of arrests. Online news websites publish a weekly “police blotter,” listing the past week’s arrests in Greenwich Connecticut, and will likely publish a blurb or article specifically about your arrest, posting your full name and address. These articles can even include your mug shot, along with details of your arrest. Especially in a low-crime area like Greenwich, sites like the Greenwich Post, Greenwich Time, and Greenwich Daily Voice make a big deal out of any arrest. And it’s no coincidence that the online police blotter pages are usually the most viewed pages, generating the most advertising revenue for online news publications. Top Greenwich Connecticut criminal attorneys have had enough, and now offer “internet scrubbing” services, which try to get those reports taken down as soon as possible. This is a new area of law for many lawyers, but the best Greenwich criminal law firms can often get their clients great results by leveraging libel or defamation lawsuits against online publishers. Click here for information on the Mark Sherman Law Firm’s team of Internet scrubbing lawyers and services, which was featured in the New York Times.

When Greenwich Connecticut Interference Arrests Escalate to Greenwich Arrests for Assaults on a Police Officers

The best Greenwich Connecticut criminal attorneys will know to use extra care when scrutinizing arrest reports charging Assault on a Police Officer under C.G.S. 53a-167c. Under Connecticut law, you can be arrested for a felony Assault on an Officer if you cause injury to any police officer, EMT, paramedic, or emergency room personnel. A Greenwich Connecticut arrest for Assault on an Officer is very serious – it’s a Class C Felony, which leaves you exposed to up to 10 years in jail, years of probation, and a fine of up to $10,000. Top Greenwich Connecticut criminal law firms often see this charge tacked on to arrests that are flimsy and weak, hoping to scare the defendant into a quick resolution. So what really shouldn’t be an arrest at all, or at most, a simple Breach of Peace arrest, suddenly becomes very serious when you are arrested in Greenwich Connecticut for 53a-167c. Like its Interference counterpart, the Assault on a Police Officer penal statute is also broadly written – and the question becomes whether you intentionally caused harm to a Greenwich Police Officer. So before you appear in Stamford Superior Court to fight your Greenwich Assault on an Officer arrest, it is critical that you contact a top Greenwich criminal defense lawyer to dissect all available police reports, medical or emergency room records, and surveillance footage. For more on fighting Greenwich Connecticut arrests for Assault on an Officer under § 53a-167c, follow this link.

Talk to an Experienced Mark Sherman Law Criminal Lawyer for Your Greenwich § 53a-167a Interfering with an Officer Arrest

An arrest or conviction for CGS § 53a-167a Interfering with an Officer can damage or even ruin your professional reputation, if not properly handled. So call one of the Greenwich Connecticut criminal lawyers and attorneys at Mark Sherman Law today to learn how to quickly and cost-effectively fight your Resisting Arrest / Inference with an Officer arrest. We are available at (203) 358-4700, seven days a week, to discuss how we can help you make your criminal case and online arrest reports disappear as efficiently as possible.

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