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Human Trafficking Arrests In Connecticut (Part 2 of 3)

Human Trafficking Arrests In Connecticut
(Part 2 of 3)

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Fighting Connecticut Human Trafficking Arrests

Top Darien and Stamford Connecticut criminal lawyers can help you fight your Connecticut 53a-192a Human Trafficking arrest in Stamford, Danbury or Greenwich Connecticut. They will carefully scrutinize the arrest warrants, search warrants and police reports for errors, omissions and constitutional defects. Witness statements and video and audio surveillance recordings, including the government’s wiretapping evidence, will also be examined carefully. The very best New Canaan and Greenwich Connecticut criminal lawyers often get frustrated by the fact that many times a police investigation into Human Trafficking evolves not into an investigation for the truth (which should be the case), but an investigation of confirmation, not information. The best Connecticut defense lawyers are sensitive to this inequity and can ask the criminal judge to compel the prosecution to turn over all of the evidence to the defense, not just the evidence that implicates you. Additionally, a top Stamford criminal lawyer will engage a team of private investigators to conduct their own analysis, question additional witnesses and uncover additional evidence that can help you get your case dismissed.

A key issue in Human Trafficking cases focuses on two defense strategies: (1) breaking down the Government’s conspiracy theory, and (2) proving consent over the Government’s theory of coercion. Many times a “John” or patron of a prostitution operating will have no idea that the business promotes or engages in Human Trafficking. Your top Stamford Connecticut criminal lawyer will usually work diligently to persuade the judge and prosecutors of your lack of involvement and knowledge in the most serious aspects of the operation. This can make the difference between a felony sentence with jail, and having a clean record after a period of special probation. Additionally, the best Connecticut criminal lawyers will subpoena phone records, text messages and other forms or social media and surveillance footage to vindicate you or prove to prosecutors that there was no coercion and that any sexual conduct was consensual, even if it was for hire. Thus, building a defense to your Connecticut Human Trafficking arrest under CGS 53a-192a involves many components that only the best Stamford Connecticut and Greenwich Connecticut criminal lawyers can tackle. So be sure to consult and hire a top Stamford Connecticut criminal lawyer who fully understands how to defend a Human Trafficking case.

Conspiracy Charges in Connecticut Human Trafficking Arrests

Top Stamford Connecticut criminal lawyers are very concerned over the risk of Conspiracy charges being used as a pressure point against people who are remotely involved in a Human Trafficking ring. Most top Stamford Connecticut Prostitution lawyers and attorney worry about the “Johns”—or patrons and customers—of sex operations, escort websites, and massage parlors who have no idea of the age of the women with whom they are engaging in sexual contact. As the best Greenwich Connecticut criminal attorneys agree, even the lowest level participant in a Human Trafficking sex operation can be arrested for the most serious Human Trafficking crimes by virtue of Connecticut’s over-reaching Conspiracy laws.

To be clear, even if you did not engage in the act of Human Trafficking on your own, you might still be charged with Conspiracy to Commit Human Trafficking. Conspiracy is a crime in Connecticut, codified in C.G.S. 53a-48. You can be arrested for Conspiracy in Darien or Stamford Connecticut if you engaged in the following conduct: (1) agreed with at least one person to commit a crime, (2) made such agreement with the intent that the criminal conduct would occur (in other words, you weren’t joking around), and (3) one of the conspirators, not necessarily you, must have committed an overt act in furtherance of the conspiracy. An overt act need only be one single act taken to advance the goal of accomplishing the conspiracy. An example of an overt act in a Human Trafficking scenario would be providing cash or a credit card to a massage parlor, emailing a pimp to set up a meeting place for a sexual encounter, or purchasing a hotel room to meet a prostitute. Obviously your top Stamford Connecticut criminal conspiracy lawyer will carefully scrutinize all 3 elements of Connecticut’s Conspiracy law to present the strongest defense to your Human Trafficking Conspiracy arrest, with the goal of getting your Connecticut Conspiracy charge dismissed. For more information on Connecticut Conspiracy laws, click here.

Don’t Talk to Police Without a Top Stamford Connecticut Criminal Lawyer By Your Side

If you are arrested for Conspiracy in Stamford, Darien or Norwalk Connecticut, then it is almost a certainty that the police will try to lean on you for information on other alleged co-conspirators. They might lie to you and tell you that another person has already told them everything about you. (Yes, the police are legally allowed to lie when interrogating you and other co-conspirators). Or they might offer you some type of leniency in punishment if you cooperate. The bottom line is that under every circumstance, and no matter what the police are saying to you or scaring you into believing, you should not speak to the police without a top Stamford or Fairfield Connecticut criminal lawyer attorney present. You have the right to remain silent. Exercise that right.

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