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Fighting Stamford Connecticut Evading Responsibility / Hit-And-Run Arrests (Part 4 of 4)

Fighting Stamford Connecticut Evading Responsibility / Hit-And-Run Arrests
(Part 4 of 4)

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How Do I Remove My Stamford Evading Arrest Off the Internet?

A Stamford Connecticut arrest will quickly be published online by the Stamford Advocate, Stamford Patch, and Stamford Daily Voice. The articles will include your name, address, mug shot / photograph, and arrest summary report. And if the web article isn’t enough, you can be sure that Google will pick up the articles too. Any of the top criminal defense attorneys in Stamford can expalin that once people start clicking on these links, the links climb higher and higher in the Google search engine rankings, and can often end up landing on the first page of any search of your name.

There’s hope, however. In 2011, the Mark Sherman Law Firm opened its internet scrubbing practice, and our lawyers have been helping our clients get their Stamford Connecticut arrests for Evading Responsibility (and other charges) off the internet and off Google. For more information on our internet scrubbing practice, click here.

Defense Strategies for Fighting Your Stamford Evading Responsibility

The best criminal lawyers and attorneys in Stamford Connecticut understand that fighting an arrest for Evading Responsibility under CGS § 14-224 requires an experienced criminal attorney (not a real estate or personal injury lawyer) who understands the multiple defense strategies available to you. You do not want to plead guilty under any circumstances. Many cases involve angry victims who have suffered property damage, personal injury, or both, and who may be out of pocket for the damages caused by your Stamford Hit and Run arrest. And it doesn’t just stop with an irritated victim—your attorney will need to push back against insurance companies and the Stamford Police Department to ensure that all of the evidence necessary to clear your name is preserved. This includes photographs and digital video surveillance evidence.

Get Your Evading Responsibility Arrest Reduced to an Infraction

One key defense strategy used by the best Stamford Connecticut criminal lawyers is to convince the prosecutor to reduce your Evading misdemeanor charge to a Failure to Carry Insurance Card traffic infraction. You can also apply to the court for the Pre-Trial Accelerated Rehabilitation Program, which is otherwise known as “AR.” The AR Program in Connecticut is essentially your “get out of jail free card,” but you are usually restricted on how many times you can use an AR, so you should try and use it sparingly. If you hired an inexperienced criminal defense attorney, or a Stamford lawyer who just dabbles in criminal law, then you may find yourself being pushed into burning your AR program too quickly. While it may actually be the most appropriate strategy (depending on the seriousness of your case), do not jump into the AR Program so quickly.

Car Insurance Consequences for an Evading Responsibility Arrest

Insurance companies are almost always involved in Stamford Connecticut arrests for Evading Responsibility—especially when you are accused of causing personal injury or property damage to a third party. When car insurance adjusters and investigators get involved, it is helpful to have a top Stamford Connecticut criminal defense attorney on your side who will be able to navigate you through the process. These insurance adjusters and investigators will always schedule a recorded “on-the-record” interview with you, where you will be forced to discuss the details of your car accident. Remember, everything you say to your insurance company can be used against you by police and prosecutors. So get in touch with any of the best Stamford criminal law firms prior to speaking with an insurance company.

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