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Fighting Greenwich Connecticut Evading Responsibility / Hit-And-Run Arrests (Part 4 of 4)

Fighting Greenwich Connecticut Evading Responsibility / Hit-And-Run Arrests
(Part 4 of 4)

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Getting Your Greenwich Connecticut Evading Arrest Off the Internet & Google

The Greenwich Police Department adheres strictly to federal and state “FOIA” laws. That’s the Freedom of Information Act, which requires police to make your arrest report summaries, mug shots, full name and home address available to local online news websites such as The Greenwich Time, Greenwich Daily Voice, Greenwich Citizen, and Greenwich Patch. What the Greenwich Police and FOIA don’t concern themselves with, however, is just how devastating the publication of online news reports of your Greenwich Connecticut arrest for Evading Responsibility can be to your business and community reputations. And as many of the top Connecticut internet criminal lawyers know, once people in Greenwich start clicking these articles, your bad press climbs quickly in the Google search engine rankings, often coming up on the first page in any search of your name.

So can anything be done? Possibly. In 2011, the Mark Sherman Law Firm launched an innovative “internet scrubbing” practice group, determined to hold these Connecticut online news websites accountable for the damage they were doing to our client’s reputations. Our sole objective is to get your Connecticut arrest reports offline and off Google, as quickly and cost-effectively as possible. For more on our cutting edge internet / Google scrubbing practice, click here.

Fighting Your Greenwich CT Evading Responsibility Arrest in Stamford Court

Many of the top criminal lawyers and attorneys in Greenwich Connecticut understand that fighting a Greenwich Connecticut arrest for Evading Responsibility under CGS 14-224 requires experience and a thorough understanding of the multiple defense strategies available. You will be dealing with agitated victims who have suffered property damage, personal injury or both. You will working against the clock to preserve digital surveillance evidence, or blood evidence (to show the court you were not drunk or impaired by drugs). You will be negotiating with insurance companies who will be looking for information and wanting to take recorded statements from your clients (remember that lying to an insurance company is a separate crime under state and federal laws). And you will be dealing with state prosecutors who need to be persuaded to drop your Greenwich Connecticut Evading Responsibility arrest. Managing all of these moving parts demands a balancing act that only the best Greenwich Connecticut criminal lawyers are accustomed to. So regardless of who you hire, make sure you sit with your top Greenwich Connecticut criminal defense attorney to craft the best defense strategy for your individual case circumstances.

Don’t Burn Your AR So Quickly – Get Your Evading Reduced to an Infraction

One option for getting your Greenwich Hit and Run Evading Responsibility arrest dismissed is to apply for Connecticut’s Pre-Trial “Accelerated Rehabilitation” Program, frequently called the “AR Program” in Connecticut courthouses. It’s your get-out-of-jail-free card, so to speak, and you only receive AR once in your lifetime (occasionally twice after 10 years under a recent change in the law). An inexperienced Greenwich Connecticut criminal lawyer—or a Greenwich Connecticut real estate, divorce, or personal injury lawyer who dabbles in criminal law—may try to quickly push you into applying for the AR Program. Not a great idea. While you may eventually have to use or “burn” your AR Program for a Greenwich Connecticut Evading Responsibility arrest, it is almost always worth a few court appearances to try and convince the prosecutor to drop (or “nolle”) your Greenwich Evading Responsibility charge, or alternatively, get it reduced to an infraction called “Faliure to Stop and Show Insurance Card” under C.G.S. § 14-13(b). Anytime you can get your Connecticut Evading Responsibility arrest reduced to a Failure to Stop and Show infraction, jump on it, as saving your AR for something a bit more serious is always a good idea.

Auto Insurance Consequences

Finally, understand that automobile insurance carriers are deeply involved in Greenwich Connecticut arrests for Evading Responsibility. Whenever there is personal injury or property damage that involves an automobile, auto insurance adjusters and investigators swoop in alongside police to investigate what happened, how it happened, how much damage was done, and who is responsible for paying for it. If you have a pending arrest for a Greenwich Connecticut Evading Responsibility arrest, expect a flurry of phone calls and letters from multiple insurance companies, who will be asking questions that could expose you to criminal liability. They will want recorded statements, which can be turned over to the police and prosecutors. So if and when this happens, it’s always a good idea to direct all such correspondence to your top Greenwich Connecticut criminal lawyer who can protect you, and maybe even keep your insurance premiums from surging.

Contact a Greenwich Connecticut Criminal Lawyer Today

So if you are being investigated, or have been ticketed or arrested in Greenwich Connecticut for Evading Responsibility CGS § 14-224, then get in touch with any of the Mark Sherman Law criminal lawyers as soon as possible. We are all about results: helping you avoid an arrest, or getting your Greenwich Evading Responsibility / Hit-and-Run arrest dismissed quickly and cost-effectively. Greenwich Police have more important work to do than clean up fender benders, so let us run interference for you, and handle the headache of your Greenwich Evading Responsibility case. And don’t just take our word for it— read what our former Evading Responsibility clients have to say about our firm on the certified review website. Call us today for a consultation. We are available 24/7 to take your call at (203) 358-4700.

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