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Fighting Greenwich Connecticut Evading Responsibility / Hit-And-Run Arrests (Part 1 of 4)

Fighting Greenwich Connecticut Evading Responsibility / Hit-And-Run Arrests
(Part 1 of 4)

Getting a ticket or getting arrested in Greenwich Connecticut for Evading Responsibility (also known as “Hit and Run”) under CGS § 14-224 puts your criminal record, driver’s license, and auto insurance rates all in jeopardy. As the best Greenwich Connecticut criminal attorneys and lawyers know, the primary concerns that police and prosecutors have with Greenwich Evading Responsibility arrests are two-fold: (1) WHY you left the scene of the accident (were you drunk, high, uninsured, or unlicensed to drive?), and (2) did you injure someone and leave the scene without assisting them or calling 911?

If the answers to these questions are “Yes” in your case, or if the answers are “No” but the police have still ticketed or arrested you in Greenwich Connecticut for Evading Responsibility, then you need to get informed, get in front of your case, and get prepared for your court date in Stamford Superior Court. The last thing that you need is a permanent criminal conviction record for what was either a lapse in good judgment or a minor fender bender. So if you’re facing a Greenwich Connecticut Evading Responsibility arrest under CGS 14-224, then contact any of the best Greenwich Connecticut criminal law firms to start learning if and how you can get your charges dismissed quickly and cost-effectively.

Try to Squash the Case Before Your Greenwich Evading Arrest Gets to Court

Many Greenwich Connecticut Evading Responsibility / Hit-and-Run cases begin with a phone call from someone whose car was damaged by another driver who took off and fled the scene. Usually these people get the license plate of the other driver and they provide it to the Greenwich Police Department or Connecticut State Troopers, who will either quickly track down the driver, call them at their home, or show up unannounced at their front door. As the best Greenwich Connecting Evading Responsibility lawyers also know, in the case of parking lot hit and run cases, video surveillance cameras also reveal the license plate numbers and sometimes photo images of who was driving the car, so that’s another way you can get caught.

But here’s some good news…and here’s where your top Greenwich Connecticut criminal lawyer can intervene with the police and perhaps convince them to NOT make an arrest, even if you did leave the scene. Lawyers can sometimes run interference for you, get the aggrieved party paid up for their damages, and downgrade the Greenwich Police Department investigation from a criminal to a civil matter. It takes a little bit of legal acrobatics, but this strategy can sometimes save you from the headache, embarrassment and drama of a full-blown criminal arrest for Evading Responsibility in Greenwich Connecticut, thereby preventing the online publication of your arrest and mug shot, or requiring any court appearances in criminal court.

Do I Need an Attorney to Fight a Greenwich Evading Responsibility Arrest or Ticket?

Definitely. Many Evading Responsibility arrests in Greenwich Connecticut begin with either an arrest or a summons ticket. And many times the police will try to de-escalate your stress and anxiety by promising you that “it’s no big deal” and the court will probably drop the case. But what many of the best Greenwich Connecticut criminal attorneys and lawyers know, however, is that police have little or no control over what happens in court. Stamford Superior Court prosecutors are in charge of your case now, and they are usually very suspect of the reason WHY you left the scene of the car accident. That’s why the top criminal lawyers in Greenwich Connecticut believe it’s important for your lawyer—not you—to attend that first meeting with Stamford prosecutors on your case. This allows your lawyers ample opportunity to try and set the table for what they hope will be a favorable disposition of your case…the dismissal of your Evading Responsibility / Hit-and-Run arrest. For years, these lawyers have defended Greenwich arrests for Evading Responsibility, and have taken some of these cases to trial, so they know exactly what the prosecutors concerns are and will immediately begin to try and disarm them to your benefit. And finally, don’t be fooled or let your guard down by the fact that you were just given a summons and were not booked and photographed at the police station. These “tickets” are still misdemeanor or felony charges—and are considered an “arrest” for Evading Responsibility under CGS 14-224. So be sure to not lose this ticket and bring it with you to your consultation with your attorney.

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