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Fighting Evading Responsibility Arrests in Westport Connecticut (Part 1 of 4)

Fighting Evading Responsibility Arrests in Westport Connecticut
(Part 1 of 4)

If you handed a ticket / summons for Evading Responsibility under C.G.S. § 14-224 in Westport Connecticut, it may seem like you just received a speeding ticket. Not quite. As the any of the best criminal lawyers in Westport Connecticut could explain to you, it’s actually a full-blown arrest for Evading Responsibility, or “Hit and Run” as it’s more commonly known. The charge carries serious penalties (including jail time), which can jeopardize your employment record, driver’s license, and car insurance rates.

Key Considerations for a Westport Evading Responsibility Arrest

The top Westport Connecticut criminal defense attorneys understand why prosecutors and police officers across Connecticut have such an issue with arrests for Evading Responsibility: First, they want to know why you left the accident scene – were you under the influence of drugs or alcohol? Did insurance lapse? Was your driver’s license suspended? And second, they want to know whether you caused an injury to a person or to property and left the scene without helping them or calling 911?

The best Westport Connecticut Evading / Hit and Run lawyers get calls from people who answer both “Yes” and “No” to the questions above, and who have been arrested for Evading Responsibility. Either way, it’s crucial that you contact a top Westport Connecticut criminal lawyer attorney who can assess your case, scrutinize the police reports in your case, and prepare you for your first court appearance in Norwalk Superior Court. Whether you had a lapse in judgment, were drunk driving and fled the scene, or were just scared and panicked after a minor fender bender, it’s not worth risking a permanent criminal record by going into court alone.

How Police Identify You & Your License Plate Numbers

Most arrests for C.G.S. § 14-224 Evading Responsibility in Westport Connecticut begin with a call to the Westport Police or Connecticut State Police, usually made by someone whose car had just been hit by a driver who fled the accident scene. The injured party typically gets the license plate number of the other vehicle and provides it to police (or parking lot surveillance footage can assist police in identifying cars). The police are then able to look up that plate number easily. Top Westport Connecticut criminal law firms typically get calls from people after Westport PD or Connecticut State Police have called them or have shown up at their front doors.

Get Rid of Westport Evading Responsibility Charges Before They Get to Court

Evading Responsibility / Hit and Run cases are a bit unique in that sometimes your top Westport Connecticut defense lawyer can run interference with the police and possibly persuade them not to arrest you, even if it was a true hit-and-run. Westport criminal attorneys may be able to assist the injured party quickly by getting their car fixed, before an arrest warrant Is submitted. They can work with you to smooth things over, pay for any repair bills very quickly, and possibly convert the Westport Police Department’s investigation to a civil matter, rather than a criminal matter. While it can take some legal finesse, this approach might save you from the headaches and costs of a full-blown criminal arrest, which comes with the risk of a permanent criminal record, publication of your name in online police blotters, and frequent appearances in Norwalk Superior Court where Westport Connecticut arrests are adjudicated.

Do I Need a Lawyer for my Westport Evading Responsibility / Hit-and-Run Arrest?

Absolutely. If you are charged with Evading Responsibility in Westport Connecticut, many Westport Connecticut police officers will try to alleviate your worries by saying that the court probably won’t want to prosecute the case, or that your summons will be handled just like a speeding ticket. That’s an outright lie.

While receiving a misdemeanor or felony Hit-and-Run summons might feel like a speeding ticket – it’s not. The best Westport Connecticut criminal lawyers attorneys will tell you that once the case gets to Norwalk Superior Court, the police officers do not have much control over what happens. In fact, Norwalk Superior Court prosecutors will want to know exactly WHY you fled the accident scene. That’s why your attorney—and not you—will need to have a negotiation / discussion with the Norwalk prosecutors on the very first court date. That first court appearance is critical…allowing your criminal lawyer to start framing a narrative and strategy to reach a favorable disposition. So if you have been arrested for Hit-and-Run / Evading Responsibility / CGS 14-224 in Westport Connecticut, be sure to get in touch with a top Connecticut defense attorney before your court date, and remember to bring them your summons or any paperwork related to your arrest for their review.

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