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Fighting Evading Responsibility Arrests in Westport Connecticut (Part 4 of 4)

Fighting Evading Responsibility Arrests in Westport Connecticut
(Part 4 of 4)

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Can I Get My Westport Evading Responsibility Arrest Off the Internet & Google?

The Westport Police Department follows all state and federal Freedom of Information Act or “FOIA” laws. These FOIA laws require police to make information related to your arrest report public—including a summary of your arrest, your address, your full name, and even your mug shot. Local news websites like the Westport Minuteman, Westport Patch, Westport Daily News, and Westport News fail to appreciate how an article reporting your Westport Evading Responsibility arrest can damage your reputation in the community. As the best Westport Connecticut criminal lawyers know, the more people in Westport who click the link to your article, the faster the story will climb to the top of Google’s search results, eventually causing your arrest articles to appear on the first page when people search your name.

How Does Connecticut Internet Scrubbing Work?

Top Westport Connecticut criminal law firms are often asked – can anything be done about my online arrest article? The answer is maybe. Back in 2011, the team of internet lawyers at the Mark Sherman Law Group launched their “Internet Scrubbing” practice group with one goal in mind: to hold Connecticut online news publishers accountable for causing damage to our clients’ online reputations. Our Internet Scrubbing group works to get your CT arrest records off of the Internet and off of Google’s search results as cost-effectively and as quickly as possible. Westport Connecticut media companies know that if our firm is involved, then they will be in for an expensive legal battle that’s probably not worth the company’s time and money to fight. For more on our innovative Internet Scrubbing group, click here.

What to Expect Immediately Following a Westport Connecticut Evading Arrest

The best Westport Connecticut criminal attorneys and law firms recognize that a C.G.S. § 14-224 arrest for Evading Responsibility requires an experienced criminal attorney, and a solid understanding of the various defense strategies available in Westport Connecticut Hit and Run arrests. There are a lot of moving parts to a Westport Evading Responsibility arrest: victims wanting to be repaid for property damage or personal injury, digital surveillance evidence that needs to be preserved right away, hospital records that may need to be preserved (as evidence that you were not drunk driving), and insurance companies that will be quickly harassing you for tape-recorded statements and claim information.

On top of all of that, you will be up against a Norwalk Superior Court state prosecutor who needs to be convinced by your top Westport Connecticut criminal attorney lawyer to drop your Westport Connecticut arrest for Evading Responsibility. This is a true balancing act, and only experienced Westport criminal attorneys (and not divorce or civil lawyers who just dabble in criminal law) will know how to effectively litigate your case.

Do I have to Use My AR to Get Rid of my Westport Evading Responsibility Arrest?

Not always. Connecticut’s Pre-trial Accelerated Rehabilitation Program—or “AR” as it’s more commonly called in court—is a program in Connecticut offered to first time offenders. You may only get one AR program in your lifetime so don’t let a Westport Connecticut real estate or divorce lawyer just put you in the AR program for an Evading Responsibility case without discussing alternatives with you.

It’s always worth the effort by your top Westport Connecticut criminal law firm to determine whether there’s a “non-AR” alternative to getting your case dismissed. With a few court appearances, your top Westport criminal attorney has a shot at trying to convince the prosecutor to “nolle” (or drop) your Westport Evading / Hit-and-Run charge. Another option is to try to get your Westport Evading arrest under CGS 14-224 reduced to an infraction under C.G.S. § 14-13(b), which is called “Failure to Stop and Show Proof of Insurance.” Getting it reduced to the infraction is always worth it, as it’s not a moving violation, and it saves your AR in case you are arrested for something more serious in the future.

Will My Auto Insurance Go Up after a Westport Evading Responsibility Arrest?

Possibly. Your auto insurance carrier will likely be involved in your Westport Connecticut Evading Responsibility arrest. Especially when there is property damage or personal injury. That’s when your insurance carrier will send in their investigators / insurance adjusters to interview you and review the Westport Police reports to figure out how the accident happened, whose fault it was, the severity of any damages or injuries, and who will pay for it. And if you’re not careful about what you say to your insurance company, they could deny coverage and you could be on the hook for paying for all of the damages and injuries. So make sure you speak to a top Westport Connecticut criminal attorney before you speak to your insurance company, as many of their questions can expose you to criminal liability. Remember, the statements you make to your own insurance company are usually recorded and can be used against you by Connecticut prosecutors, so you need to answer them very carefully.

Get in Touch With a Westport Connecticut Criminal Lawyer Today

If you have been arrested, received a ticket, or are being investigated for Evading Responsibility in Westport Connecticut under C.G.S. § 14-224, then contact an experienced attorney at the Mark Sherman Law Group today. We are results-oriented – our goal is to help you avoid an arrest altogether, or if you’ve already been charged, to get your Westport Evading / Hit-and-Run case closed as quickly as possible. For more about our firm, check out our certified reviews from former Evading Responsibility clients on Give us a call at (203) 358-4700 – we are available 24/7 to take your call.

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