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Fighting DCF Investigations in Westport Connecticut (Part 4 of 4)

Fighting DCF Investigations in Westport Connecticut
(Part 4 of 4)

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If DCF Substantiates Allegations Against Me, Can I Appeal?

Yes, you can – but as the best Westport Connecticut DCF attorneys and lawyers know, you have a short window of time to file that appeal. When your Full DCF Investigation closes, you will get a letter in the mail. In that letter, DCF can substantiate allegations against you, such as physical abuse or neglect, moral neglect, or emotional neglect. That letter will also let you know whether DCF intends on publishing the substantiation against you in its publicly available Central Registry.

How to File Your Westport Connecticut DCF Appeal

You need to file an appeal shortly after getting that letter. The good news is that unlike the underlying Westport Connecticut DCF investigation, DCF’s appeal procedures offer constitutional due process, established protocols, and clear regulations and hearing procedures. Any of the best Westport Connecticut DCF appeal lawyers and attorneys know that DCF will first conduct an internal review of your case. Once their review is complete, you have a right to a full evidentiary hearing, which is similar to a trial. You and your top Westport Connecticut DCF lawyer can call witnesses, question the DCF investigator and social workers, obtain DCF reports, and have a neutral decision-maker decide whether your DCF substantiation can be upheld. For more detailed information on appealing a Westport Connecticut DCF substantiation finding, click here.

Fighting DCF Investigations that Follow Westport Connecticut Domestic Violence Arrests

Some of the best criminal lawyers and attorneys in Westport Connecticut are well aware that many of DCF cases begin with a report from the Westport Police Department, which is a “mandated reporter” and required by Connecticut law to report the arrest to DCF if children under the age of 18 were present during a domestic violence dispute or arrest. Westport Police must file a report even if your kids were not involved in the incident. Common domestic violence arrests in Westport that may trigger a DCF referral include Disorderly Conduct, Assault, Risk of Injury to a Minor, Breach of Peace, and Strangulation. DCF plays an active role in your criminal case, and has regular contact with the prosecutor and family relations officers about any issues in your DCF case. So if you are the target of a Westport Connecticut DCF investigation and also have a criminal case pending in Norwalk Superior Court (where all Westport arrests are handled), then contact a top DCF Connecticut lawyer before speaking to the DCF investigator, because everything you say to DCF can be used against you in your Norwalk court criminal case. For more about fighting DCF investigations in Connecticut while a criminal case is pending, click here.

Can I Get a Copy of Westport Connecticut DCF Case File?

Absolutely, but you will need to wait until your Westport Connecticut DCF investigation is closed. Your top Connecticut DCF lawyer will be able to file requests with DCF lawyers to get a copy of all documents related to your case, including interviews, summaries of visits and conversations, and any other evidence collected during DCF’s investigation. As experienced Westport DCF lawyers can explain, these records might be helpful in any pending custody or divorce court cases, as well as in any Connecticut criminal cases, especially if you think some of the accusations may have been fabricated. Be sure to contact a top Connecticut DCF attorney to help you get the records you need.

Get in Touch With a Westport Connecticut DCF Investigation Lawyer Today

If DCF has shown up at your door or contacted you by phone in Westport Connecticut, get in touch with any of the experienced DCF lawyers t Mark Sherman Law. We are here to help protect your family’s reputation, and to work to close your DCF investigation as quickly and cost-effectively as possible. Check out reviews from former Westport Connecticut DCF clients to hear about their experiences with our team. We are available 24/7 at (203) 358-4700.

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