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Fighting DCF Investigations in Stamford, Connecticut (Part 2 of 3)

Fighting DCF Investigations in Stamford, Connecticut
(Part 2 of 3)

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Fighting a “Full” DCF Investigation in Stamford Connecticut

The best Stamford Connecticut DCF law firms understand that a “Full Investigation” requires DCF to either substantiate or unsubstantiate the allegations of abuse or neglect at the conclusion of its 45-day investigation. Essentially, DCF declares you guilty or not guilty of abuse or neglect. But unlike criminal court, you have no due process rights during your Stamford Connecticut DCF investigation. You don’t get to present witnesses to DCF. You don’t get to confront, question or cross-examine your accusers. And you don’t even get to see the evidence being gathered by the Stamford Connecticut DCF investigator. If this sounds unfair to you, that’s because it is.

As the top Connecticut DCF lawyers and attorneys can explain, at the end of your Stamford Connecticut DCF Full Investigation, DCF closes your case and notifies you of their findings by certified mail. The written notice you receive in the mail will inform you of the following: (1) whether you are guilty of abuse or neglect, (2) whether you continue to pose a threat to the health, safety, and welfare of your children, and (3) whether the findings should be published in DCF’s publicly available “Central Registry.” DCF will also notify you if they are requiring you to comply with in-home services following the investigation. Failure to comply may force DCF to bring you to court.

Do I Need to Hire a Stamford Connecticut DCF Investigation Lawyer?

Yes. 100 percent yes. This is a frequent question that the best Stamford Connecticut DCF investigation lawyers always get asked. It’s simple. If you can afford it, then you should hire a lawyer to help you and your family during a Stamford Department of Children and Families investigation. DCF certainly won’t tell you that you have a right to an attorney. You’re only formally advised of that right if you’re at risk of being arrested by a police officer. But what if your kids are at risk of being taken away and put in foster care? It’s ironic—but despite tireless efforts by the best Connecticut DCF law firms, DCF refuses to advise investigation targets that they have the right to an attorney. And we all know why…it levels the playing field and makes DCF’s job more difficult. Having any of the best Stamford Connecticut DCF attorneys by your side during a Stamford Connecticut DCF investigation often helps prevent the investigation from escalating, and also can send a message to DCF that they cannot take advantage of you and your family with veiled threats designed to instill fear that you may lose your children to foster care.

Talk Honestly but Carefully with Stamford Connecticut DCF Investigators

So how open should you be with DCF during an investigatory interview? Most people understandably believe that being as forthcoming and open as possible during a Stamford Connecticut DCF investigation will get your case closed quickly and with the best result. Just explain the situation and DCF will understand and go away, right? Wrong. While no top Stamford Connecticut DCF attorney will ever tell you to lie to an investigator, it is important you keep in mind that anything you say can and will be used against you by DCF, and may even be disclosed to the Stamford Police Department. That means if you start revealing all of the past problems in your family or marriage such as anxiety, depression, addiction issues, domestic violence, or anything else that raises red flags, then the DCF investigator may keep your case open for months for monitoring, possible court intervention, and unnecessary counseling and drug testing. Always remember you can decline to answer certain questions or consult with your top Stamford Connecticut DCF attorney lawyer before providing answers. So contact any of the best Stamford DCF investigation law firms before meeting with DCF.

Does DCF Have the Right to Talk to My Kids Without Me Present?

Yes. While DCF can insist that you not be in the room during their interview with your children, you should know that your top Stamford Connecticut DCF attorney can remain in the room with your child during the interview. Every member of your family—no matter what age—is entitled to have a lawyer present. And your lawyer can even record the interview, take notes, and stop the interview if your child gets upset. DCF will then sometimes do an “end-around” and interview your child at their school. In these cases, you should explicitly instruct your child’s principal not to permit anyone to interview your kids without your Connecticut DCF attorney present.

How to Fight a DCF Investigation in Stamford Connecticut without Breaking the Bank

One of the most effective ways to fight a Stamford Connecticut DCF investigation is to hire a top Stamford Connecticut DCF law firm to advocate for your family, shield you from intrusive DCF demands, and run interference with DCF investigators and their respective supervisors to have your case closed as quickly as possible. Experience and competence are essential in balancing DCF cooperation, protection, and advocacy. So if you find that you and your family are facing a Stamford Connecticut DCF investigation, then it is worth the time and expense to consult with a top Stamford Connecticut DCF attorney to prepare yourself for your family’s DCF interview and home assessment. Follow this link for more tips on fighting a Stamford Connecticut DCF investigation, and check out our blog article on secrets to fighting your Stamford Connecticut DCF investigation.

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