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Fighting DCF Investigations in Greenwich, Connecticut (Part 2 of 3)

Fighting DCF Investigations in Greenwich, Connecticut
(Part 2 of 3)

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Do I Need to Hire a Greenwich Connecticut DCF Investigation Lawyer?

One of the most common questions asked of the best Greenwich Connecticut DCF Investigation law firms is whether DCF targets need to hire a lawyer to assist their family during a Department of Children & Families investigation of abuse or neglect. The answer is easy…yes. Having a top Greenwich Connecticut DCF lawyer attorney by your side can not only help you get your case closed quickly, but an attorney can also try and keep the Greenwich Connecticut DCF investigation from escalating and getting worse.

When you’re sitting in front of a Greenwich Connecticut DCF investigator who is peppering you with questions, your first reaction is to be as forthcoming and open as possible. While no top Greenwich Connecticut DCF investigation law firm would ever advise you to lie to a DCF investigator, you must remember that everything you say to a DCF worker can be used against you. So if you start going into detail about any past issues of addiction, alcohol or substance abuse, arrest history, domestic violence, mental health diagnoses, medication regimens, anxiety, depression or anything else that may raise a red flag to a Connecticut DCF investigator, then DCF may want to keep your case open for months, even if those issues were resolved many years ago! Additionally, DCF will want to contact your children’s school, health care providers, therapists, and sometimes your neighbors if the facts warrant. They will ask you to sign release forms, and if you don’t have a top Connecticut DCF lawyer present, then you may feel pressured to sign the releases. Know you have a choice to say no to DCF. So if you are being investigated by DCF in Greenwich Connecticut and want to do everything you can to prevent the investigation from escalating, and would prefer to keep third parties out of the investigation, be sure to contact a top Greenwich Connecticut DCF lawyer attorney for a consultation.

Does DCF Have the Right to Talk to My Kids Without a Parent Present?

Yes. While you may not be permitted to be present for this interview, you are allowed to have your top Greenwich Connecticut DCF lawyer sit by your child’s side during the DCF investigator’s interview. Your lawyer can record the interview, take notes, and stop the interview immediately if the DCF investigator is upsetting your child.

Not So Fast! Don’t Sign a DCF Safety Plan or Service Without Consulting a Lawyer

Another “signature move” by Greenwich Connecticut DCF agents is their demand that you sign a “DCF Safety Plan” or “DCF Service Agreement” at the start of your Greenwich Connecticut DCF investigation. The best Greenwich Connecticut DCF law firms know that DCF will end your initial assessment interview by asking you to “just sign” a DCF safety plan or service agreement. This is always presented to you as a yellow or pink form which includes handwritten conditions that DCF will want you to agree to during the investigation.

The Safety Plan’s conditions can be onerous, meaning they can be overbearing, unnecessary and overly broad and restrictive. Conditions can include DCF-mandated supervised child visitation, restraining orders preventing you from being in the home, alcohol evaluations, drug testing, anger management, or parenting classes. And most of the time, DCF will not explain the legal consequences of signing a Connecticut DCF safety plan. Instead, they will focus on the legal consequences of NOT signing one, such as court intervention, temporary removal of your children, and foster care. Again, these are usually worst case scenarios, but when a parent hears the words “foster care,” they get scared (rightfully so) and will usually sign anything put in front of them. What parents don’t appreciate and what the best Greenwich Connecticut DCF lawyers can explain to you is that signing a DCF safety agreement or service plan essentially strips you of your constitutional rights to due process and a fair trial against DCF. So before signing any DCF Service Agreement or Safety Plan, be sure to tell Greenwich DCF that you need a few hours to contact a top Connecticut DCF Investigation lawyer in Greenwich Connecticut.

How to Cost-Effectively Fight a DCF Investigation in Greenwich Connecticut

One of the best ways to fight a DCF investigation is to hire a Greenwich Connecticut DCF lawyer to protect your family, shield you from unreasonable DCF demands, and advocate with DCF investigators and supervisors to close your case as quickly as possible. An experienced and competent Connecticut DCF lawyer attorney will know how to walk that fine line with DCF between cooperation, client protection and measured advocacy. If this is your first experience with DCF and you and your family are a target of a Greenwich DCF investigation, then it’s worth the time and money to sit for an initial consultation with a DCF lawyer to fully understand the process and your rights. You can also check out our blog for more tips on fighting a Greenwich Connecticut DCF investigation.

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