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Fighting DCF Investigations in Darien, Connecticut (Part 4 of 4)

Fighting DCF Investigations in Darien, Connecticut
(Part 4 of 4)

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Can I Appeal a Darien Connecticut DCF Investigation Substantiation?

Yes, and it’s usually a smart move. In fact, as the best Darien Connecticut DCF lawyers and attorneys know, a Connecticut DCF appeal hearing is the most fair and transparent procedure that takes place at Connecticut DCF. And that’s because you actually get a hearing and right to call witnesses.

Once you receive a letter confirming that your Darien Connecticut DCF investigation has resulted in a substantiation of moral, physical, or emotional abuse or neglect against you, then you usually have 60 days to file DCF appeal papers. Any finding of abuse can have a devastating impact on your personal and professional life, especially if DCF rules (in their sole discretion, of course) that your abuse / neglect substantiation finding should be published in the DCF Central Registry, making it available to employment background checks, as well as to any member of the public.

The Advantages of Holding a Darien Connecticut DCF Appeal Hearing

Top Darien Connecticut DCF law firms can explain that once appeal papers are filed, DCF will initiate an internal review into your case. If the internal review affirms the Darien DCF substantiation finding, then you will have a short period of time to request a full evidentiary hearing.

This hearing is conducted before an impartial hearing officer, not a Connecticut Superior Court judge. During this hearing, your top Darien Connecticut DCF attorney lawyer can present evidence on your behalf, and subpoena any of the witnesses who you think made false or misleading statements to DCF during the Daren Connecticut DCF investigation. Many of the best Darien Connecticut DCF lawyers take advantage of this appeal hearing in difficult cases—they question and cross-examine witnesses, subpoena medical records and police reports, and even cross-examine the DCF social worker that conducted your investigation.

So if you have received a letter in the mail informing you that DCF has substantiated allegations of abuse or neglect against you, then be sure to contact a top Darien Connecticut DCF attorney to discuss the costs, risks and benefits of filing an appeal. And for more information, follow this link for more details about Darien Connecticut DCF appeals.

Am I Entitled to a Copy of My Darien Connecticut DCF Investigation File?

Absolutely. In fact, getting the records can give you a huge advantage in a related criminal, divorce, or child custody case. Many experienced Darien Connecticut DCF lawyers and attorneys know you are entitled to request a copy of your DCF report once your case has been closed. Your file contains a full summary and record of phone calls to DCF, witness statements, police interviews and reports, medical records, and all other evidence gathered by DCF during your investigation. DCF is required by law to document and log every correspondence they receive during their Darien Connecticut DCF investigation. Having these records in hand will give you insight into your investigation, and can be tremendously helpful during divorce or child custody proceedings, especially if your referral to DCF was based on lies by an ex-husband or ex-wife who is trying to unfairly portray you as an unfit parent. Remember, you are entitled to these records even if an attorney did not represent you during your investigation. So call any of the top Darien Connecticut DCF attorneys to request a copy of your DCF records today.

DCF Investigations Following Your Darien Connecticut Domestic Violence Arrest

As any experienced Darien Connecticut DCF attorney will tell you, police officers are mandated reporters under Connecticut law and must report any incident of suspected child abuse or neglect. As a result, a majority of DCF investigations begin with calls to the Connecticut DCF hotline from the Darien Police Department following domestic violence arrests. If a domestic violence arrest occurs in a home where children under the age of 18 are present—even if the children were asleep and did not witness the incident—then Darien police are required to make a referral to DCF.

That’s why so many of the top criminal lawyers in Darien Connecticut frequently see Darien DCF investigations go hand-in-hand with Darien domestic violence arrests. While dealing with DCF, you must remember that anything you disclose to your Darien DCF social worker can be used against you in criminal court. So consider consulting with a top Darien Connecticut criminal defense attorney lawyer who is well-versed in both criminal procedures and DCF investigations. These attorneys are skilled in balancing moving your DCF forward to closure while simultaneously protecting you in your criminal case, especially when it comes to making incriminating statements that jeopardize both cases. For additional assistance, click here to read more about fighting Connecticut DCF investigations following a domestic violence arrest.

Contact a Darien Connecticut DCF Attorney Today

So if a Darien Connecticut DCF investigator contacts you—either in person or by telephone—contact an experienced Darien Connecticut DCF attorney at Mark Sherman Law immediately. We can guide you through the investigation process, with the goal of having your Darien DCF case closed without any substantiation of abuse or neglect, in an efficient and private manner. Contact us today at (203) 358-4700. We are always available to take your call.

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