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Fighting DCF Investigations in Darien, Connecticut (Part 2 of 4)

Fighting DCF Investigations in Darien, Connecticut
(Part 2 of 4)

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Darien Connecticut DCF Family Assessment Response Investigations

As any of the best Darien Connecticut DCF lawyers and attorneys will tell you, a Family Assessment Response (called a “FAR”) is the least invasive Darien Connecticut DCF investigation. A FAR is a 45-day investigation conducted by DCF that is similar in nature to a Full Investigation, but does not involve court intervention, and does not require DCF to render a formal finding of substantiation or unsubstantiation of abuse or neglect against you. During a FAR, your DCF worker will make referrals for services based on the investigator’s assessment of your family’s needs. These “recommendations” can quickly transform into DCF-mandated directives if not properly managed by a top Darien Connecticut DCF lawyer attorney. What should stay on your radar, however, is that while a FAR is the less serious investigation, the social worker assigned to your case has the discretion to escalate the FAR to the much more serious “Full Investigation” at any point during your DCF case if the Darien DCF worker feels the case is more serious that it originally seemed to be.

What are “Full” DCF Investigations in Darien Connecticut?

The best Darien Connecticut Department of Children & Families law firms know that a “Full Investigation” is the most serious investigation in DCF’s playbook. A Full Investigation has can result in a formal Connecticut DCF substantiation finding of abuse or neglect, public registry in DCF’s Central Registry book, mandatory in-home services required during and after the investigation, and in serious cases, judicial intervention and the temporary removal of your children from your home into foster care. Like a FAR, the Darien Connecticut DCF social worker is given a deadline of 45 days to investigate the reports of abuse or neglect made against you and your family.

It’s an Unfair One-Way Flow of Information from Darien DCF

What’s most frustrating to the best Connecticut DCF Investigation lawyers and attorneys is the lack of information shared by DCF to target families. DCF will generate reports after conducting interviews and will gather information and documents from your children’s doctors, teachers, and even sometimes neighbors—but will not share any of these findings with you. DCF will expect you to answer dozens of questions during an investigation, and will not be obligated to answer yours. It’s a one-way flow of information, unless your top Darien Connecticut DCF lawyer escalates the issue with DCF attorneys and demands a full copy of your investigation file, which is always recommended.

Do I Need to Hire a Darien Connecticut DCF Investigation Lawyer?

Yes, if you want to be fully prepared for your DCF interview and want the best chance of getting your case resolved quickly. When a Darien Connecticut DCF worker shows up at your house, the officer or agent may try and downplay the severity of the investigation, in the hopes of catching you and your family off-guard, well before you have the chance to hire a top Darien Connecticut DCF lawyer attorney. What DCF won’t tell you is that everything you say or disclose to them is NOT necessarily confidential, as the information is permitted to be shared with the Darien Police and court prosecutors, without your permission. Keep your guard up. DCF workers are trained to put you at ease so they can get as much information out of you as possible. This is why it’s always a good idea to hire a top Darien Connecticut DCF law firm to guide you through your investigation.

What To Expect at Your Darien DCF Interview

During your initial interview with DCF investigators, the DCF social worker will question you about the alleged episode of abuse or neglect. As any top Darien DCF attorney lawyer understands, your answers to these questions can either make or break your case with DCF. It’s important to go into this interview prepared, after consulting with an experienced Connecticut DCF attorney who can prep you on what questions you will be asked and how to answer them without raising any red flags. As your attorney will warn you, it’s important to always be truthful and honest with DCF, but you can refuse to answer questions. Most importantly, don’t try to be “helpful” by offering offer unnecessary information about prior, resolved family issues, such as substance abuse or domestic violence.

Should I Sign the Connecticut DCF Release Forms?

During your interview, DCF will also ask you to sign releases, which would give DCF access to your children’s doctors, therapists, schoolteachers, caregivers, and sometimes even neighbors. It’s not uncommon for families to feel pressured into signing these releases. It is always important to realize that you have the option to say no (or even “let me talk to an attorney and get back to you”). Then discuss your DCF case with a top Darien Connecticut DCF lawyer attorney during a consultation prior to meeting with DCF to be sure that you are not pressured into complying with unnecessary and overly burdensome demands.

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