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Fighting Darien Connecticut Evading Responsibility / Hit-and-Run Arrests (Part 1 of 4)

Fighting Darien Connecticut Evading Responsibility / Hit-and-Run Arrests
(Part 1 of 4)

Getting arrested in Darien Connecticut for Evading Responsibility / Hit-and-Run, under Connecticut General Statutes (“CGS”) § 14-224, is a serious charge that can leave you with a felony or misdemeanor criminal record. As any of the best criminal lawyers and attorneys in Darien Connecticut can explain, if you are convicted of Evading Responsibility, there will also be consequences on your driver’s license and auto insurance rates.

The Key Issue: Why Did You Leave the Scene?

While investigating Evading Responsibility / Hit-and-Run cases, Darien Connecticut police officers really just want to know the answer to one question: Why did you leave the scene of a car accident in Darien? Darien police and prosecutors usually assume that if you left the scene, then you must have been under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or were not authorized or licensed to be driving the car.

Regardless of your reason for leaving the scene of the accident, if you have been arrested, ticketed, or are being investigated for Evading Responsibility / Hit-and-Run in Darien Connecticut, then it’s critical to contact any of the best Darien Connecticut criminal lawyers / attorneys to discuss your case before your first court date in Norwalk Superior Court. An experienced Darien Connecticut criminal attorney will review your options with you so that you’re fully informed about your charges before you head to court.

Making Your Darien Evading Responsibility Case Disappear before Arrest

Darien Connecticut Evading Responsibility / Hit-and-Run investigations usually begin when a victim of a Hit-and-Run accident calls the Darien Connecticut Police Department to report damage to their vehicle or personal property. In more serious cases, victims or eyewitnesses to a Darien Hit and Run will call the police immediately after witnessing an accident that has someone physically injured. Usually, the Darien police are able to track down the person responsible for the accident by checking surveillance cameras for license plate numbers, and then running them with the DMV. It usually takes them 20 minutes to identify the owner of the vehicle.

Let Your Top Darien Connecticut Lawyer Do Damage Control as Soon as Possible

The good news is that in Darien Connecticut Evading Responsibility investigations, there’s always a chance that any of the best Darien Connecticut criminal lawyers attorneys can intervene with the police before they place you under arrest, even if you are guilty of leaving the scene of the accident. Your attorney can work with the Darien Police Department and the victim of the car accident to resolve the case in a manner that avoids a public arrest and court appearance. Sometimes this might involve paying the victim up front for the repair costs and rental car costs in exchange for the victim’s agreement not to press charges. This approach can be more challenging when the victim suffers sustains physical injuries; however, the strategy pays big dividends as it can prevent an arrest and the online / offline publicity that comes hand-in-hand with a misdemeanor or felony arrest in Darien Connecticut for Evading Responsibility under CGS 14-224. It’s a delicate conversation with an alleged victim—that’s why it’s advisable to have any of the best Stamford or Darien criminal law firms handle these negotiations, as you don’t want to be accused of witness tampering.

Do I Need an Attorney to Fight a Darien Connecticut Evading Responsibility Arrest?

100 percent yes. Regardless of whether the car accident was major or minor, it is always in your best interest to consult an attorney before going to court to answer your Darien Evading Responsibility / Hit-and-Run charges. Darien Connecticut police officers may lead you to believe that your CGS 14-224 arrest / ticket is not serious, and that you will be able to easily explain the situation to the court and have your case dropped; but as any of the best Stamford Connecticut criminal lawyers and attorneys who practice regularly in Stamford Superior Court, this is rarely the case. You will get to court and prosecutors will want you to take a plea or diversionary program. You’re much better off understanding the various case disposition options available to you and understanding your defense strategy options, especially when you’re facing an arrest in Darien for misdemeanor or felony Evading Responsibility under CGS 14-224.

Your Darien Evading Responsibility Arrest Reports to Stamford Court

As Darien does not have a criminal courthouse of its own, all Darien Connecticut arrests for Evading Responsibility CGS 14-224 (or any other crime) must report to Stamford Superior Court. Prosecutors are very suspicious of anyone who leaves the scene of an accident, and will immediately ask you why you left the scene. Lying to prosecutors is a crime. This is why it is important to be represented by an attorney on your first court date, so that your lawyer can speak to the Stamford Court prosecutor on your behalf and deflect these questions. Your Stamford Evading Responsibility criminal attorney will work hard to reach a quick disposition that leaves you without a permanent criminal record.

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