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DUI / DWI Arrests in Ridgefield, Connecticut (Part 2 of 3)

DUI / DWI Arrests in Ridgefield, Connecticut
(Part 2 of 3)

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Your First Court Date for a DUI / DWI Arrest in Ridgefield, Connecticut

The best criminal lawyers in Ridgefield Connecticut know that all Ridgefield DUI / DWI arrests report to Danbury Superior Court, which is located at 146 White Street, in Danbury, Connecticut. All of these arrests report to Danbury Superior Court because Ridgefield doesn’t house any criminal courts of its own.

What to Expect at Danbury Criminal Court

The first court date for a Ridgefield Connecticut DUI / DWI arrest is called the “arraignment.” The arraignment is your first appearance before a Superior Court Judge who has the authority to order additional conditions of release, which are tailored to the individual circumstances of your Ridgefield DUI / DWI arrest. These additional conditions may include mandatory AA meetings, mandatory AIC compliance (click here to learn what AIC is), installation of an interlock ignition device (an “IID”) in your car, drug and alcohol counseling, random urine testing, curfew, or random breath testing. Fortunately, your attorney has the right to push back and argue against the imposition of these conditions to the Danbury court judge. So make sure you have a top Ridgefield Connecticut criminal lawyer by your side at your first court date so that the Danbury prosecutor or bail commissioner does not pile on onerous and unnecessary conditions of release.

Beating Your First Time DUI / DWI Offender Arrest in Ridgefield, Connecticut

Many of the best criminal law firms in Ridgefield Connecticut appreciate that there are usually 3 paths to resolving a first time offender Ridgefield Connecticut DUI / DWI arrest: (1) fight your Ridgefield DUI / DWI arrest and take it to trial; (2) plead guilty to the DUI / DWI charge, lose your Connecticut driver’s license, and face possible jail time and fines; or (3) maneuver around the district attorney / prosecutor and file a motion with the court, asking the Judge to suspend your prosecution and dismiss your case. If your motion for suspension of prosecution is granted, then Option 3 will result in your admission into a Pre-Trial Alcohol Education Program, which, if successfully completed, will result in the complete dismissal of your case and the expungement of your Ridgefield criminal arrest record.

What Is the Best Defense Strategy for You?

Each defense strategy has its own pros and cons when it comes to fighting your first-time Ridgefield DUI / DWI arrest. After you consider factors such as your job, family, and financial resources, you may lean toward picking Option 3 and electing to apply for Connecticut’s Pre-Trial Alcohol Education Program (which you may have heard referred to as “AEP” in court). The AEP is a one-year program, which requires you to attend 10 to 15 weekly alcohol education classes, or in certain cases, an intensive outpatient program. Any of the top Danbury Connecticut criminal lawyers and attorneys know that you can make a special motion to the court to attend all of these classes in one weekend at a special out of state program. Regardless of where you do your classes, if you successfully complete the program, and if you don’t get any new arrests during the one-year period, then your Ridgefield DUI / DWI arrest will be officially dismissed and expunged from your record.

Are You Guaranteed to Get into the Alcohol Education Program for a Ridgefield Connecticut DUI / DWI?

No. Unfortunately, admission into the Alcohol Education Program is not an automatic guarantee. Danbury Connecticut prosecutors have the right to object to your admission into the program and they may oppose your application aggressively, especially if you had a high BAC reading, caused serious physical injuries or property damage, displayed an aggressive or bad attitude during your arrest, had a previous out-of-state DUI, or a previous New York DUI / DWI arrest that was reduced to a DWAI violation charge. You can only apply one time during a 10-year period, so make sure that you and your top Danbury / Ridgefield criminal lawyer prepare the strongest and most comprehensive AEP applicaiton package for Danbury court’s consideration (click here for more info on first time Ridgefield DUI / DWI strategies).

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