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DUI / DWI Arrests in New Canaan, Connecticut (Part 1 of 3)

DUI / DWI Arrests in New Canaan, Connecticut
(Part 1 of 3)

The top New Canaan Connecticut DUI / DWI criminal law firms know that a DUI / DWI arrest in New Canaan under C.G.S. § 14-227a must be fought in both Norwalk Superior Court and the Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles in Bridgeport Connecticut. Depending on whether you are a first time DUI / DWI offender, or a second time or repeat DUI / DWI offender, you will face either misdemeanor or felony charges that can carry years of jail time, probation and fines. Additionally, you risk up to a lifetime suspension of your Connecticut driver’s license, making it even more critical to challenge your suspension at a Connecticut DMV “per se” suspension appeal hearing. So if you’ve been arrested in New Canaan Connecticut for DWI / DUI / drunk driving, contact a top New Canaan Connecticut DUI / DWI criminal law firm before going to court.

Field Sobriety Tests During a New Canaan Connecticut DUI / DWI Arrest

If a New Canaan Police Department officer suspects you of drunk driving / DWI, they will instruct you to get out of the car and request that you perform 3 of the Standardized Field Sobriety Tests (also called the “SFSTs”). These are the “Walk-and-Turn” test, the “One-Legged Stand” test, and the Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus Test.

Understand that you have the right to refuse these tests; however, in some cases, such refusal can increase your likelihood of getting arrested for DUI / DWI in New Canaan Connecticut. Don’t be intimidated by the police—even if they are pressuring you to take the SFSTs. Remember they MUST have probable cause to arrest you for DUI / DWI / drunk driving in New Canaan Connecticut, and if they don’t have SFST results, then you may in fact be helping your case, especially if you are facing the possibility of an arrest in New Canaan Connecticut as a second time or third time DUI offender in New Canaan. Finally, if you do decide to take the field tests, then you should immediately notify the New Canaan Police officer of any medical conditions or vision issues that you may suffer from that could affect your ability to perform the SFSTs, such as knee surgery, dizziness, or arthritis. (And make sure they notate your disclosure in their police reports!)

Should I Take the Breath Test Following a New Canaan DUI / DWI Arrest?

Time and again, many of the best New Canaan Connecticut DUI / DWI / OUI criminal lawyers are routinely asked by clients whether they should take the breath test during a DUI / DWI arrest in New Canaan Connecticut. Once you’re arrested, the New Canaan Police Department will take you to the station and give you the option of taking a breath test. Your decision should not be made lightly.

Beginning July 1, 2015, anyone arrested in New Canaan Connecticut for DUI / DWI—even first time and repeat offenders—is required to install an Ignition Interlock Device (and “IID”) in their car. This law even applies to first time offenders who did not plead guilty to DUI / DWI and are just accused of drunk driving. The new IID laws (explained in greater detail here on our website) mandate that anyone who fails a breath, blood or urine test in New Canaan Connecticut must have their license suspended for 45 days, followed by a 6 month IID installation requirement. If you refuse the breath / blood / urine test, then the IID installation requirement increases extends to a full year for first time offenders. In limited circumstances, the best New Canaan Connecticut DUI / DWI / OUI criminal attorneys can advise you on how to qualify for a work permit for your New Canaan Connecticut DUI / DWI arrest.

Talk to a Top New Canaan Criminal Lawyer Before Taking the Breath Test

The decision to take or refuse the breath test must be considered carefully, and on a case-by-case basis. Your attorney will weigh factors such as your prior DUI / DWI record, the severity of the New Canaan DUI / DWI traffic stop (or car accident), including injuries and property damage (if any), as well as your suspected level of intoxication. The law in Connecticut allows you to speak privately with a lawyer so be sure to call any of the best New Canaan Connecticut DUI / DWI criminal lawyers or attorneys before making your decision—even if it’s the middle of the night. Don’t call a New Canaan divorce lawyer or personal injury attorney who may lack experience with DUI / DWI arrests. And remember that you’re entitled to a reasonable amount of time to reach a top criminal law firm in New Canaan Connecticut so if you don’t get through on the first call, politely insist on the right to call another attorney during your New Canaan Connecticut DUI / DWI arrest.

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