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DUI / DWI Arrests in Greenwich, Connecticut (Part 3 of 3)

DUI / DWI Arrests in Greenwich, Connecticut
(Part 3 of 3)

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Fighting Your Greenwich Connecticut 14-227a Arrest for DUI / DWI

Fighting your Greenwich Connecticut arrest for DUI or DWI requires the knowledge and experience of a top Greenwich Connecticut criminal DUI / DWI lawyer attorney. With so many moving pieces, be sure to contact a Greenwich criminal law firm which focuses their practice on criminal law, and does not just dabble in criminal law. Make sure your top Greenwich DWI / DUI criminal lawyer is carefully scrutinizing all witness statements and police reports. The best Greenwich Connecticut criminal lawyers and attorneys will also be sure to file motions to preserve any and all evidence in your case, such as recordings from police audio and video systems, 911 recordings, dashboard cams, booking videos, or other police camera footage. All of these can be potentially helpful in proving to the court and to the prosecutor that you were not as intoxicated as the police initially reported and can also preserve compelling evidence of any police brutality or unwarranted aggression.

The best Greenwich Connecticut DWI / DUI lawyers will also make sure that your constitutional rights were protected throughout the booking and arrest process. First, top Connecticut DUI attorneys will make sure that you were properly advised of your rights. You’ve probably heard these rights recited on television, starting with your right to remain silent – these are known as Miranda rights. Second, top Connecticut DUI attorneys make sure that you were given ample time to contact a Greenwich Connecticut criminal lawyer before deciding whether you would take or refuse to take the breath test. Often, these rights are not read to you properly, and it is imperative to hire a top Greenwich criminal firm who can expose these mistakes in court, file all necessary motions, aggressively push for a reasonable offer, obtain all necessary evidence, and use all this evidence as leverage for a favorable disposition of your case.

What if My Greenwich Connecticut DUI Arrest is Reported on the Internet?

If you get arrested in Greenwich for CGS 14-227a, DUI or DWI, the Greenwich Police will likely release the details of your arrest to local news and media sites, especially the Greenwich Patch, Greenwich Time, Greenwich Daily Voice and Greenwich Post. The online police blotter sections of these websites often get a lot of traffic, allowing the sites to sell valuable advertising space on these high-traffic pages. But publication of your Greenwich DUI / DWI arrest—together with your mug shot and police reports—on these pages can be extremely damaging to your reputation and earning potential, as any Google search could reveal details of your arrest on the first page of a Google search. Fortunately, some Greenwich Connecticut criminal law firms offer “internet scrubbing services” to help get those arrest details taken off the Internet. The best Greenwich criminal law firms use their experience with Connecticut criminal law, coupled with their knowledge of Connecticut defamation and libel law, to get any mention of your Greenwich DUI arrest taken down after getting your case dismissed. Not only will top firms go after the news sites themselves, but they will also negotiate and work with Google, Yahoo, or other online search tools to confirm that any online Google “footprints” of your arrest are also taken down. It is by no means a short, easy or guaranteed process, but it is worth spending the time and money to protect your reputation.

Can I Get a DUI or DWI Arrest in Greenwich Connecticut if I am Using Prescription Drugs?

Absolutely. In addition to an increase in DUI / DWI alcohol arrests, top Greenwich Connecticut criminal lawyers have noticed an increase in Greenwich Connecticut arrests for DUI / DWI involving prescription drugs or marijuana. If Greenwich police officers suspect that you are driving an automobile under the influence of any narcotic or marijuana (even legally prescribed narcotics or marijuana), then you can be arrested in Greenwich for a Prescription Drug DUI / DWI under CGS § 14-227a. It is not a defense if the narcotic was legally prescribed or even if your doctor told you that you are allowed to drive while taking it. Regardless of those factors, the officer and then the judge and prosecutor in Stamford Superior Court will determine whether – in their subjective opinions – you were too intoxicated to drive. Just like a DUI for alcohol, police officers can ask you to perform the Standardized Field Sobriety Tests and ask if you want to take a breath or urine test.

Similarly, you can still be arrested for a Greenwich Connecticut DUI / DWI for driving under the influence of marijuana, despite the fact that marijuana has been decriminalized and even if you have a medical marijuana card. To make matters worse, if you have been arrested for a Greenwich marijuana DWI, the judge will likely order you to submit to random drug testing throughout the duration of your case, which can last for over a year. For more information on how an experienced Greenwich DUI attorney can fight a Greenwich Connecticut Prescription Drug DUI / DWI arrest, click here.

Get in Touch with a Greenwich Connecticut DUI / DWI Lawyer at Mark Sherman Law Today

If the totality of your Greenwich DUI arrest, DMV license suspension, and Stamford court process seems overwhelming and confusing, then you should contact a Greenwich Connecticut DUI / DWI criminal lawyer at Mark Sherman Law today. With so much on the line, it is simply too much information to process and there’s too much risk for you to try and figure it all out on your own. Get in touch with a Greenwich criminal law firm who knows how to protect your DMV appeal hearing rights, how to preserve all relevant and necessary evidence, how to obtain and carefully scrutinize all police reports, and how to tap their experience to give you an honest assessment of your case. The Greenwich DWI / DUI criminal lawyers at Mark Sherman Law are experienced, compassionate, and knowledgeable. You can read what our clients have to say about us by reading our Avvo-certified client reviews. So call us today. We are available to discuss your case with you 24/7 at (203) 358-4700.

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