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DUI / DWI Arrests in Fairfield, Connecticut (Part 2 of 3)

DUI / DWI Arrests in Fairfield, Connecticut
(Part 2 of 3)

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First Time Offender Strategies for DUI / DWI Arrests in Fairfield Connecticut

There are usually 3 options for fighting first time offender DUI / DWI arrests in Fairfield Connecticut under CGS 14-227a: (1) contest your Fairfield Connecticut DUI / DWI arrest and face a trial, (2) enter a guilty plea, lose your Connecticut driver’s license and face possible time in jail, or (3) bypass the prosecutor and ask the judge to suspend prosecution, allow you to attend a basic Alcohol Education Program, and have your case dismissed and removed from your record. Each of these choices has its pros and cons, but, in consideration of their families, jobs and financial resources, many people go for Option 3 and apply for Connecticut’s Pre-Trial Alcohol Education Program (called the “AEP” in court). As the best Fairfield Connecticut criminal law firms understand, this one-year Connecticut program requires attendance at 10 or 15 weekly alcohol education classes and, if completed successfully, without incurring any new arrests during that time period, will result in the court dismissing and expunging your first time offender Fairfield Connecticut DUI / DWI arrest.

Unfortunately, getting your Fairfield Connecticut Alcohol Education Program application is not always so easy — especially if Fairfield Connecticut prosecutors object to your application due to a high Breath Alcohol Content (“BAC”) reading on your breath test, serious physical injury or property damage in your DUI accident, or the reduction of a previous New York State DUI / DWI arrest to a DWAI (Driving While Ability Impaired) or previous out-of-state DUI / DWI. If you are a first time Fairfield Connecticut DUI / DWI offender and are considering applying for the Alcohol Education Program, then contact a top DUI / DWI criminal attorney in Fairfield Connecticut to help you prepare the strongest possible application for the Alcohol Education Program. DUI / DWI offenders are only afforded one opportunity to apply, so put your best foot forward and follow this link to learn more about first time Fairfield Connecticut DUI /DWI offender programs.

Risks for a Second Time & Repeat Offender DUI / DWI Arrest in Fairfield Connecticut

Far more serious than a first time DUI / DWI arrest under C.G.S. 14-227a in Fairfield Connecticut is a second or repeat offender arrest. In essence, Connecticut criminal law applies a 3 strikes law for repeat DUI / DWI offenders. The best Fairfield Connecticut criminal law firms know that you are eligible for the first time offender Alcohol Education Program after your first DUI / DWI arrest in Connecticut. After a second arrest for DUI / DWI in Fairfield, however, you will face a misdemeanor conviction, probation, a suspension of your Connecticut driver’s license for one year, and, quite possibly jail time. It gets much worse after your third Connecticut DUI / DWI arrest in Fairfield Connecticut. Prosecutors will then seek a felony conviction, including up to 2 years in jail and a lifetime suspension of your Connecticut driver’s license. Home confinement for a Fairfield DUI / DWI conviction is a possibility, but not always guaranteed.

So if you are have been arrested as a second time Fairfield Connecticut DUI / DWI offender, third time offender, or other repeat offender arrest, you should immediately call one of Fairfield Connecticut’s top DUI / DWI / OUI criminal law firms who will help you decide whether to take your case to trial or negotiate a plea that would possibly result in a reduction of your Fairfield DUI / DWI charge and avoid jail. As the best Bridgeport DUI / DWI criminal attorneys and lawyers know, Fairfield Connecticut prosecutors may elect to reduce a second time offender case to that of a first time offender, thereby allowing you to avoid a felony conviction and jail time. So don’t be afraid to contest your charges with the help of a top Connecticut criminal law firm and be sure to get an honest assessment of your Fairfield Connecticut DUI / DWI arrest before pleading to a second time or repeat offender arrest.

Fighting Your Fairfield Connecticut DUI / DWI / OUI Arrest for 14-227a

Fighting an arrest for DUI / DWI in Fairfield Connecticut takes expertise, experience and a thorough understanding of the Bridgeport Connecticut criminal court process. That’s why it is never advisable to hire an attorney who primarily handles divorce cases or real estate closings to contest your DUI / DWI arrest in Fairfield Connecticut. Rather, have a top Bridgeport Connecticut DUI / DWI criminal lawyer analyze all relevant witness statements, police reports and footage from police and third party surveillance cameras. A top Fairfield and Bridgeport criminal lawyer attorney will also consider filing motions for preservation of evidence at your initial court date to ensure that police don’t erase exculpatory electronic and digital evidence — including 911 audio recordings and police bodycam, dashboard and booking cam footage — which may demonstrate to a jury or judge that you were not as intoxicated as police reports indicate. Additionally, the best Bridgeport and Fairfield Connecticut criminal lawyers attorneys know how to analyze the administration of your Miranda rights to determine whether you were provided a fair chance to call a top Fairfield Connecticut lawyer before taking or refusing a breath test or being questioned by police. Regrettably, arresting police officers often step on these fundamental rights with the assumption that you won’t complain about it in court. However, the best DUI / DWI criminal law firms in Fairfield Connecticut will aggressively file motions to suppress or preserve evidence and fight back against unreasonable offers made by prosecutors in Fairfield seeking a quick, harsh plea bargain. So consider having a leading Fairfield Connecticut DUI attorney examine your arrest reports closely before advising on how you should proceed in your case.

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