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DUI / DWI Arrests in Darien, Connecticut (Part 3 of 3)

DUI / DWI Arrests in Darien, Connecticut
(Part 3 of 3)

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Getting Your Darien Connecticut DUI / DWI Arrest Off the Internet & Off Google

One of the first things that happens after you are arrested in Darien Connecticut for a DUI / DWI is that Darien police release your arrest report and mug shot to the Darien Times, Darien Patch and Darien News Online. And every time that your nosy neighbors click the online news story covering your arrest, your arrest climbs the search engine rankings in Google searches. As the best Darien Connecticut criminal lawyers and attorneys know, more views equal more advertising revenue for these websites. But what these websites don’t take into account are the devastating effects a Google search can have on your life and career after you are arrested in Darien Connecticut for DUI / DWI under CGS 14-227a, and your case is long over. Fortunately, some Connecticut criminal and internet defamation law firms are blazing trails in scrubbing the internet of Darien Connecticut arrest reports.

These firms, including the Mark Sherman Law Firm, offer internet scrubbing practices which assist clients in getting their Darien Connecticut DUI / DWI arrests taken down from these websites. These leading Darien Connecticut criminal law firms combine their vast knowledge and experience in Connecticut criminal law and libel / defamation law to get your Darien arrest reports removed once the judge dismisses your case. Then they go after the major search engines like Google and Yahoo to get the search footprint removed. This can involve lengthy negotiations and legal posturing with major internet companies, but it is definitely worth the time and cost to protect your reputation and make sure your Darien Connecticut arrest for DUI / DWI is removed off the internet, off Google, and does not follow you forever.

Prescription Drug & Marijuana DUI / DWI Arrests in Darien Connecticut

Drinking and driving isn’t the only way to get arrested in Darien Connecticut for a DUI / DWI. The best Darien Connecticut DUI / DWI criminal lawyers are seeing more and more arrests for driving while under the influence of prescription drugs and marijuana. When Darien police believe you are driving under the influence of a drug, they can arrest you under CGS 14-227a even if no alcohol is present in your system. Top Darien Connecticut DUI / DWI criminal lawyers agree: even legally prescribed drugs can get you arrested for DWI / DUI (click here for more details on prescription drug DUIs / DWIs). A doctor’s prescription and permission to drive won’t save you from an arrest—in fact, all that matters is that a Darien police officer has pulled you over and believes that you have failed the Field Sobriety Tests and that you are too impaired to drive. Without alcohol in your system, you are likely to pass the breath test, but you can still be required to take a urine or blood test. And a refusal lands you in just as much trouble as if you refused the breath test.

One other related issue that arises is at your first court date when you are facing a Darien Connecticut Marijuana DUI / DWI. In these scenarios, you should expect the Stamford Superior Court judge to order random drug testing during in your case. If not properly objected to by your top Darien Connecticut DUI / DWI criminal lawyer attorney at your first court date, this can be a huge inconvenience in your life and cause you problems with your employment if you’re forced to show up to court for random testing during the work day.

Get in Touch With a Darien Connecticut DUI / DWI Lawyer at Mark Sherman Law Today

Don’t waste valuable time and resources attempting to fight a Darien Connecticut DUI / DWI arrest alone. With so many moving pieces to a Darien Connecticut DUI / DWI arrest, you need to act quickly and decisively with a top Darien Connecticut criminal lawyer attorney by your side to give yourself a shot at the best possible outcome for your case. This includes preserving your rights to appeal your DMV license suspension, preserving evidence in your court case, getting your police reports from the prosecutor as soon as possible after your arrest, getting an honest and thorough opinion of the strengths and weaknesses of your Darien DUI / DWI / OUI case, and consulting with your family to make the best decision moving forward. The team of Darien Connecticut DUI / DWI lawyers at Mark Sherman Law are ready to assist you in this process at competitive rates. Our client reviews speak for themselves—so contact a Darien DUI / DWI criminal lawyer at Mark Sherman Law today. We are available 24/7 to take your call at (203) 358-4700.

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