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Cocaine Possession (Part 3 of 3)

Cocaine Possession
(Part 3 of 3)

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Why Drug Treatment & Drug Rehab Are Critical to Your Stamford Cocaine Possession Arrest

Along with advising you on preparing the best defense to your arrest for Sale or Narcotics Possession in Greenwich or Stamford Connecticut, your top Stamford Connecticut criminal lawyer will also counsel you on the important role that drug rehabilitation may have in your case. While inpatient or intensive outpatient rehabilitation will personally help you battle your drug addiction or dependency issues, it is also a very meaningful and successful way to prove to the judge and prosecutor that you are serious about addressing your addiction and making changes in your life. Top Connecticut drug lawyers are sensitive to the fact that inpatient and outpatient programs can be very expensive and interfere with your job and family. But remember that drug dependency—along with a paper trail from rehab centers and drug counselors who can vouch for your drug dependency and rehabilitation efforts—can make the difference between mandatory jail sentences and no-jail dispositions in your Stamford Connecticut narcotics arrest. If a court makes a finding that you were drug dependent at the time of the arrest, then you can avoid mandatory jail time. So work with your top Darien Connecticut criminal attorney to tailor a drug rehabilitation program that will effectively show the judge that you are walking the walk of sobriety, not just talking the talk of sobriety, and that you are committed to battling the addiction issues that may have caused you to get arrested in Stamford, Darien or Wilton for CGS 21a-277 Sale of Narcotics / Intent to Sell.

Conspiracy Charges & Considerations in Stamford Connecticut Cocaine Possession Arrests

The best Greenwich Connecticut criminal drug lawyers often see arrests in Greenwich and Stamford for Conspiracy CGS 53a-48 tacked on to Possession of Narcotics and Sale of Narcotics arrests. To be arrested for 53a-48 Conspiracy in Stamford Connecticut drug cases, the police must accuse you of three things: (1) you agreed with one or more people to commit a Connecticut drug possession or sale crime, (2) you must act with the intent to commit that drug crime, and (3) you must commit an overt, or specific act, in furtherance of the Connecticut cocaine and drug conspiracy. However, the bigger issue that concerns the best Connecticut criminal lawyers and attorneys is how aggressively the police will try to break up a drug conspiracy ring. They will sometimes use heavy-handed and brutal mental tactics to scare you into flipping or “ratting” on your fellow, alleged co-conspirators. Do not give in. Immediately invoke your right to speak to a top Stamford Connecticut criminal lawyer attorney who can properly advise you and stop the interrogation. Connecticut 53a-48 Conspiracy arrests can be fought and beaten. Click here to learn more about fighting your Connecticut Conspiracy arrest.

For First-Time Offenders: The Drug Education & Community Service Program

If you are arrested for selling or possessing cocaine as a first-time offender, then your top Greenwich, Norwalk or Stamford drug criminal lawyer will inform you of Connecticut’s pre-trial drug diversionary programs. If you are admitted into any of these programs, and successfully complete all of the program’s terms and conditions, then you can actually have your entire Connecticut cocaine arrest dismissed. Know, however, that it very difficult to get a drug diversionary program for cocaine sale and possession cases, but it is possible. Especially if you have built up a solid and successful track record of rehabilitation and sobriety. The Drug Education & Community Service program is available to people arrested for marijuana, narcotics, or cocaine possession under 21a-267, 21-279, or 21a-279a. For more serious cocaine arrests in Darien, Stamford or anywhere else in Connecticut, you may be eligible for the “CADAC” program, which is specifically geared toward helping individuals who were heavily dependent upon drugs at the time of their arrests. Finally, the Pre-Trial Accelerated Rehabilitation Program is available for first-time offenders arrested in Stamford or Greenwich for cocaine-related misdemeanors and certain Class C and D felonies. Successful completion of any of these programs will result in the complete dismissal of all of your cocaine charges. For more information on Drug Diversionary Programs, visit Greenwich Criminal Lawyer Explains Drug Diversionary Programs

Contact a Connecticut Cocaine Possession Criminal Lawyer at Mark Sherman Law Today

As you can see, Connecticut cocaine laws call for heavy fines and lengthy jail sentences. So if you are arrested in Darien, Stamford or Greenwich Connecticut for Possession of Narcotics, with or without an Intent to Sell under CGS 21a-279 or 21a-277, you should contact an experienced Connecticut drug crimes lawyer at the Law Offices of Mark Sherman. Our “two-attorney” guarantee ensures that two of our criminal lawyers will review your police reports and provide you with an honest assessment of your case’s strengths and weaknesses. Our only goal is to get you the best possible result we can as quickly as possible. And remember, talk to an attorney before you talk to the police. Call us today at (203) 358-4700.

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