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Arson Arrests In Connecticut (Part 2 of 3)

Arson Arrests In Connecticut
(Part 2 of 3)

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Fighting Your Arson Arrest in Stamford and Greenwich Connecticut

Fighting your Stamford Connecticut arson arrest requires skill and experience. As any top Stamford Connecticut arson criminal lawyer would tell you, the very first step in mounting an arson defense is to carefully review the police reports, photographs, witness statements, fire department diagrams and reports, and surveillance footage. Your top Stamford Connecticut criminal lawyer then needs to assemble a top-tier team that may include a private investigator, as well as a forensic expert to reconstruct the fire or explosion. As with any criminal defense, the police and prosecutor reports and analyses must be double-checked, and triple-checked. You cannot taken any conclusion or observation of the police and prosecutors at face value. It is your top Stamford criminal lawyer’s job to prove or disprove every allegation made against you. Critical questions must be asked and answered: Was the fire or explosion an accident? Was it set intentionally? Who set the fire? Are there other surveillance devices in the vicinity of the crime scene that may have recorded critical evidence? Can the explosive device or fire-setting materials be traced to any other suspects? And while all this investigation is ongoing, your top Stamford Connecticut criminal attorney should be leaning on the district attorneys and prosecutors for leniency and mitigation. For example, some people arrested for arson crimes in Connecticut have a psychological disorder with respect to fire and explosions—perhaps as a retired firefighter, or a war veteran with extensive explosives training, either of whom could be suffering from PTSD. These are considerations that must be discussed with your top Greenwich Connecticut criminal attorney and possibly used in your defense. Defense strategy is important in every case, but it is most important in cases that carry such lengthy prison sentences such as arson arrests in Darien and Stamford Connecticut.

Using a Pre-Trial Diversionary Program to Fight Your Connecticut Arson Arrest

One other approach to fighting your Connecticut arson arrest is availing yourself of a Pre-Trial Diversionary Program, which asks the judge to suspend the prosecution of your case and dismiss the Connecticut arson arrest after a time period of up to 2 years. In light of the seriousness of an arrest in Stamford, Westport, or Fairfield Connecticut for Arson in the First, Second or Third Degrees, these programs are very hard to get in Connecticut Superior Court. But it is possible, especially if you are being assisted by any of the best Stamford Connecticut criminal lawyers and attorneys. The Pre-Trial Accelerated Rehabilitation Program is available if you are arrested for 53a-113 Arson in the Third Degree, or Reckless Burning under CGS 53a-114, and can show good cause to the Superior Court judge that you are deserving of such a program. For First and Second Degree Arson charges, you may be eligible for the Pre-Trial “Supervised Diversionary Program”—formally known as a “Psychiatric AR,” “Psychiatric Accelerated Rehabilitation” or “Psych AR.” To qualify for this program, you must show good cause to the court and prove that at the time of alleged arson, you were suffering form a mental health disability that substantially contributed to the alleged criminal conduct. An in-depth forensic evaluation will take place for this Supervised Diversionary Program and your top Connecticut criminal lawyer must work hand-in-hand with your mental health professional to build this defense. This is not an insanity defense however, and it is not be confused with one. This is a suspension of prosecution strategy that will result in the full dismissal of your charges and a clean criminal record.

Conspiracy Arrests in Connecticut Arson Cases

As the best Greenwich criminal lawyers and the best Stamford criminal attorney routinely warn their clients, It is possible for you to be arrested as part of a conspiracy in an Arson case. Thus, even though you never physically set a fire or caused an explosion, if you participated in the planning of the arson, or engaged in an overt act in furtherance of the arson, and did nothing to stop the arson from taking place, then you can easily get arrested in Stamford, Greenwich or anywhere else in Connecticut for Conspiracy to Commit Arson under CGS 53a-48. Consider the following scenario which top Stamford Connecticut lawyers see all the time: you and your friend make a plan to burn your car in order to collect insurance money. You never set fire to your car, but you purchased the gasoline and drove your friend to the location where your friend torched the car. This particular set of circumstances would warrant your arrest for Conspiracy to Commit Arson in the First Degree. Click here for more information on Connecticut criminal conspiracy arrests.

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